Dreadmill Run and no fun

It’s been a couple of days since I posted anything, but really, no news. I’m getting jiggly so I’ve started doing push-ups again, today, I was doing them regularly, but being in this cold dreary dark place has really turned my whole routine upside down. I was going to run 4 miles on the dreadmill Tuesday, but my left leg was still hurting, so I decided I would run both Wednesday and Thursday, and I did. I ran 4 miles on Wednesday and could only make myself do 3 miles today. After I run on that damn thing I wonder how the hell I made it through it. My iPod was dead too AND all the TV channels were either news or sports channels, I needed something to entertain me, like Charmed or Angel, love that crap early in the mornings. And funny I’ve never watched either one of those shows unless I’ve been on the road.

I’ve made Boston Market my dinner stop each night, I know what you’re thinking, but no, I get a chopped salad and have them add either chicken or turkey, delicious. But, I’m sick of that crap too, there is nothing else here except Applebees and really not that impressed with what they have to offer.

Next week I have to fly into LaGuardia on Monday and then drive about 45 minutes (for normal drivers) to Yorktown. I’m trying not to be too nervous about it, I’ll have my TomTom to point me in the right direction, hopefully.

On Saturday I have my longest run to date, 18 miles. It’s only supposed to be 16, but I sort of modified my training so I can get in two 20 mile runs prior to my marathon, instead of the one 20 miler on our training schedule. Everyone I talk to suggests doing more than one 20 miler. I looked at the forecast today and it looks like another cold run, high 20s to start our run and not much warmer when we finish. Dang it, hate the cold and I’m sick of it. We’ll have to scope out a coffee/breakfast spot for our treat afterwards.

When I talked to Glenn this morning he said Rocky was sick, throwing up and he thought he should take him to the vet since he has not been feeling good all week. The vet wasn’t sure what was wrong, but gave Rocky a shot and told him not to feed him until tomorrow morning. Glenn was going to take the food up for all the cats, but Georgie is still a kitten, he can’t go all day without food, well he can, but he shouldn’t. So, I suggested he put Rocky in our bathroom with a litterbox. Apparently that’s what he did, but didn’t shut the door good, and Rocky got out and threw up everywhere again. Poor Rocky.



One Response

  1. Beautiful kitty! Poor thing…

    You are quite the traveler!

    FYI I ordered Chasen some “Bacon Salt” for Valentine’s Day. The man loves bacon! I heard about this product on a podcast. Shhh – don’t tell him! 🙂

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