Not to fun long run

Let me ask one question – what did I do wrong? Was I mean to someone and they put a hex on me or what? Yesterday my flight out of Westchester County New York, beautiful day, started by me leaving the office at 10:15 am to catch my canceled flight at 12:30 pm, I got home last night at 10:15 pm. The details are just horrible, I will not be singing the praises of US Airways anytime soon. I’m a regular business traveler and this is the FIRST time I’ve ever had an airline agent ask me to drive to another airport, they just weren’t very helpful in getting me another flight home. So I could get home on Friday, I ended up driving to LaGuardia (saw NYC skyline), I wanted to come home and I certainly didn’t want to miss my cold long 16 mile run this morning. Now that the run is over, maybe I should have stayed in New York.

My long run this morning was supposed to be 18 miles, but I just couldn’t do it, my ass was dragging at 16. Annette and Michele picked me up at Academy Sports at 5:30 am and we were off to the meet spot on Rahling Road in Little Rock.

As usual the Little Rock Marathon Training Group was large, well over 100 people signing in and getting the route sheets the Singleton’s print out for us each week. We all knew it was going to be a hilly route, even the title of the route – Oucho Route – didn’t do it justice. The hills would have been more bearable if it hadn’t been so damned windy which made it much colder. Around 30 degrees to start and finish, winds 20mph. My butt was numb, my toes were numb and I had to keep a fleece headband around my mouth and nose for most of the route, so did Michele and Annette. You know it’s cold when Annette doesn’t shed any layers, and she didn’t shed a thing.

I just was not feeling it today, we didn’t start out fast, but we started out going up a hill within the first mile, that got my heart rate up and I just couldn’t recover. There were lots of down hils, but the up hills were too much. Just a bad running day all around, you’ll see in the stats. Oh well, last week was a good run and they all can’t be good runs I guess.

When we were at about mile 13 an older guy, I’d say around 60, was running in front of us, probably .10 of a mile on the sidewalk who fell face first, it was horrible! We all ran up to see if he was okay, he just laid there, facedown. There was a lady who said she was his wife, she had been following him after her 10 mile run, thank goodness, he finally rolled over and he had cut his forehead, bloody, he didn’t even wipe it off, he got up and started shuffling up another hill to finish his run. All three of us stayed with him for a quite a while, his wife, in the car right behind us. When we were finishing and marking our names off the list we saw him coming in. Amazing and inspirational, I don’t know if I would have finished, he said it really hurt, poor guy.

It’s back to hell next week in New York, nothing against New York, it’s just the situation, I’ve gotten fat and lazy, another reason my running probably suffered today, oh, and not sleeping last night didn’t help either.

16 miles    3:18:42    Average pace 12:25    Avg Hr 157, Max 181    Calories  1410

  1. 11:33
  2. 11:25
  3. 10:39
  4. 11:41
  5. 12:55
  6. 11:52
  7. 11:54
  8. 12:35
  9. 13:58
  10. 11:58
  11. 11:25
  12. 12:22
  13. 14:02
  14. 15:08
  15. 13:06
  16. 12:10

2 Responses

  1. You sure rocked mile 3!

  2. silly girl you are far far away from fat!! And no way are you lazy!
    I hate you have to keep going out of town, hopefully it will calm down soon.
    In response to the comment you left on my blog. The reason I felt this was a good run, was because I had some really miserable long runs last summer preparing for Chicago so as hard as this one was it still seemed good compared to some of those.

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