Can I get a 20 miler please?

The elusive 20 mile run, that’s what today was supposed to be, but it didn’t happen, I could only eek out a mere 16 miles.  I guess I was lucky to get the 16.  Since I’ve been out of town for the past 3 weeks my long runs on Saturday have been suffering, or that’s what I’m blaming it on.  I only got in 5 miles on the dreadmill this week in New York and then up at 6 am on Saturday to punish myself with 18 to 20 miles, I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work, and it’s not.

Since we had icy conditions yesterday afternoon Annette suggested we run in Cabot this morning instead of meeting the Little Rock Marathon Training Group at the River Trail.  The Cabot Cruisers were doing a 10 mile loop at 7am so we were going to try and get in 5 or 6 before they even started, good plan.

I pulled into the school right behind Annette, she said Michele was going to meet us there and she pulled in shortly after.  We started running almost immediately, not much of a warm up at all, maybe 20 feet.  We were running very slow to start out which was fantastic with me, like I said, I had only run 5 miles all week and I didn’t want to aggravate my leg pain which has been feeling much better.  In our first mile Annette started having stomach problems, she said she didn’t get up early enough to take care of “things”.  We were on a route that took us by a port-a-potty, so while she took care of “things” Michele and I continued to do loops in a little subdivision.

We didn’t complain much about the cold, I’m guessing it was around 30 degrees, but compared to last weekend it was warm.  We started making our way back toward the school to meet up with the Cruisers around 6:35.  Once we got back to the school we only had 3.6 miles, our well laid plan was a little shy of 5 or 6 miles, this was very unfortunate, I knew it would be harder to add on at the end.  We said goodbye to Michele, she was happy with 4 miles that she made up in the parking lot while Annette and I ran over to the gas station for a pit stop.

It was a pretty large group that took off at 7am, probably 15 people or so, I had never run this far with them before or on this route.  We headed west on 321 and then up First Street or Front Street, now it’s a blur.  We hit some icy patches on First Street, Joan and Debbie were in front of us and they would holler back at us “Ice”, which we could see, they would be sliding along, it was pretty funny to watch.  But, it was nice of them to think of us girls at the back of the pack!

We made another stop at Annette’s house which is off of First Street, I sat down for a minute, which was a big mistake, I got really stiff, it was hard to get moving again.  We finally made it to 10 miles somewhere in the Metropolis of Cabot and then headed over to the High School and we were on the downhill slide to our finish.  I kept feeling those nagging pains everywhere, my butt, my hip flexor on my left, my feet, just everything was really starting to hurt.

I did much better on my fuel today, but it didn’t help with the aches and pains, I took a couple of Advil at 7am and wanted to take more, but didn’t.  Around mile 13 I started to the old man shuffle, I couldn’t run much, it was faster than walking and I really can’t believe we made it to 16.  Annette kept pushing me to take these side jaunts to add mileage, to tell you the truth, I didn’t want to, but I did, I needed the long run, but do you have to run to get those miles, that’s crazy!

We went behind a School about mile 14.5 and had to go through some wooded area, I started hearing raindrops, I think I was hallucinating, I kept hearing them even when we got out of the woods, but I didn’t see any droplets on the sidewalk or road, very strange.

Annette had gotten a call around mile 14 that everyone was heading to Breakfast and she  told them to go ahead and don’t wait on us.  We finished up our 16, I don’t know how, filled up both our vehicles and used the bathroom AGAIN, and headed to The Diner, where I thought I would pass out before I got any food, it was the longest time I have ever waited on food, but it was delicious, biscuits and sausage gravy, yummy.  I treated myself and I rarely eat anything like that, but I was so glad I did.

I guess I will try again next week for the elusive 20 miler, I don’t have but about 5 weeks to my marathon, so I really need to get a couple in, don’t you think?? 🙂

16 miles    3:10:26    Avg pace 11:54    Calories 1467    Avg HR 156 Max HR 174

  1. 12:10
  2. 11:51
  3. 11:18
  4. 11:03
  5. 10:59
  6. 11:03
  7. 11:43
  8. 11:49
  9. 11:04
  10. 12:34
  11. 12:27
  12. 11:21
  13. 12:36
  14. 13:19
  15. 13:05
  16. 12:00

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