Solitary Run and being grossed out

Since I’m back home this week, yippee, I’m back on track with my training schedule, this week its 4, 3, 4, 3, off, 14, off, but I may do 20 on Saturday depending on how I feel later in the week. As you may know I’m training for the Little Rock Marathon and it is less than 5 weeks away, so I would like to get in two 20 milers before then even though my schedule only calls for one.

Yesterday I was working for home and things were pretty slow so I decided to head over to one of my favorite running spots, Lakewood, temperature outside was around 50, perfect, but it was a little windy and no sun. I made one loop around the lake and went to the facilities, Lakewood Property Owners have a very nice bathroom and I’m sorry to say that someone purposefully pooped all over stall one and the trash can, oh my gosh, it was horrible. I opened the door (okay this is gross) and what I noticed was on the bowl of the toilet finger smears all across the front, I’ll let you imagine what they used to smear their fingers across the bowl. Okay, shut the door and went to the handicap stall, yes there was toilet paper, there always is, tinkled, washed my hands, and noticed the poop in the trash can right by the door, I was literally gagging, turned my head got my paper towels and used them to open the door, I have to say that image has not left me. Why would someone do something like that? It was totally disgusting and uncalled for. I worked in a bar in my early twenties as a single mom and had to clean the bathrooms on Saturday mornings, I saw some pretty horrible things there too, I remember someone pooped right on the toilet seat instead of in the toilet. People are gross.

Okay back to the run, if you have been reading my blog at all you know I have been having this unknown pain in my inside thigh/groin area, it got much better for Saturdays long run, but sort of moved to my quad, not a sore muscle, but just a pain. Yesterday when I was running I noticed it again, it’s almost like deep in my bone, I can’t even pinpoint the area, sort of joint, thigh bone, deep down pain. But, I ran through it, I wasn’t running fast just a nice slow 4 miles, it was a very solitary run, but I was just glad that I could run outside instead of on a dreadmill in New York State. I only saw one other person running, which is kind of unusual for that area.

As far as my leg pain if anyone has any ideas on that, please share. I will tell you that I know it’s not a muscle pain, I can push and poke and never cause myself to say OUCH. It hurts when I just walk too, not unbearable or anything, but if there are some sort of stretches or exercises I could do…..

Tonight is our Tuesday Night Flyers Running Clinic, I’ve missed the last three weeks, I’m sort of looking forward to going back, EXCEPT, will be at the track tonight 😦 Maybe I’ll ask Coach Dennis about my leg, he knows everything about running.

4 miles Avg pace 10:59 Y es, I know, very slow……at least I was out there running!

  1. 11:06
  2. 10:59
  3. 10:42
  4. 11:08

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