Quick Wednesday run

I made a quick trip over to Lakewood for a 3 mile run this afternoon, it was a bit windy, but NOTHING like yesterday, I think the temperature today was around 40-45, but the sun was out and that made a big difference.  It was another solitary run, I made three loops around Lake #3 and two around the peninsula which gave me a little over 3 miles at a much better pace than Monday!

My leg feels much better until I start running, this is how it feels, on the inside of my thigh bone, from my pelvis to about mid thigh, that’s where the pain is, as I run longer it seems to migrate over to my hip flexor, or outside thigh, not really my hip flexor because the pain is a little lower than that.  By the time I was going into mile 3 it wasn’t hurting as bad, but when I stopped it was really hurting.  Right now, 2 hours later, it’s fine.  I’ve considering going to my GP or my Ortho doc, but they will order a bunch of expensive tests and I’m not sure I’m at that point yet.

I had a bone density test in December which revealed some osteopenia in my right hip, the radiologist who administered the test also said I have a little scoliosis in my lower back that could give me some trouble with back pain, hmmm, maybe I’ll call her and see  if this leg pain is related to either one of those, she seemed very knowledgeable  and she used to run.

3.04 miles    Avg pace 10:20    Calories 283    Avg HR 158 Max 173

  1. 10:40
  2. 10:15
  3. 10:04

2 Responses

  1. Great run Cheryl!!!!

    How long have you been running in your current shoes????

  2. Quick run!

    I hope it all works out with your doc.

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