Warm Monday Run

We are having unseasonably warm weather, calling for a high of 78, woohoo, my kind of weather, no thoughts as to what to wear when running with that kind of temperature.  Annette had asked me to run with her tonight, but my leg was still bothering me and I didn’t want to slow her and the group down, so I decided just to take my lunch break and run at Lakewood.

Around 2:00 I changed into shorts and a tee shirt, perfect running wear, no second guessing myself as to whether I’ll be warm enough today!  That’s why I love running in the spring and summer, shorts and a top and go.  Lakewood was buzzing with people this afternoon, no runners, but lots of elderly folks and dog walkers.  I did a little warm up walk and started my run.  I decided to run just 3 miles today since I received Coach Dennis’ email about the clinic tomorrow night, it looked pretty hard.  My first mile was pretty slow, my left leg/thigh/hamstring was still talking to me so I needed to let it warm up some.  The wind was gusting to 20 mph so I had a good wind pushing me on one side of the lake.

By the end of my first mile I had to go to the bathroom for a quick pit stop and then get a quick drink.  Just 2 more miles to go, I sped up the last two miles, by the time I got into my third mile my leg was feeling better, but I didn’t want to push it too much.  When I did finish I was sweating quite a bit, loved it!  It made me miss those summer runs when the sweat is just dripping off your elbows!  I know, I’m crazy, but I really hate the cold.  I shouldn’t get used to this warm weather, by Wednesday it’s supposed to cool down again, what a drag.

3.01 miles    Avg pace 10:27    281 Calories burned    Avg HR 159  Max 176

  1. 10:50
  2. 10:23
  3. 10:08

One Response

  1. It was great to run in a skirt and sleeveless shirt yesterday!! I’m glad you had a good run!
    I wish we could figure out what is going on with that damn leg of yours!!! LOL
    seriously I hate that it has caused you so much pain!

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