Windy Thursday Run

Well, not much to say about today’s run.  Windy.  Lonely.  Boring.  Painful.  Let’s start with the windy, I thought it would not be so cold today, but the wind made it cold, the air temperature was 48, but the wind made it feel about 40.  The Lonely, I ran at Lakewood and it was very lonely, I was supposed to run with Kim today, but she is still sick, I IM’d my neighbor Leann and she was sick too!  So alone I ran, solitude is not always that great, especially when you have been working from home alone all week.  Boring, that speaks for itself and goes with the lonely part.  Painful, that damned leg, before I left my house I thought – man my leg doesn’t hurt at all, it was good not to run on Wednesday.  As soon as I started running it started hurting, bad, I noticed I was hobbling a little, of course after about 2 miles it got mildly better.  I really should go to the doctor, but the marathon is like 23 days away, I’ve trained for months!!  Maybe next week.  As I was running I kept trying to pinpoint the pain, where exactly is it, does it radiate from somewhere, is it coming from my hip or where?  I just can’t explain it.  Not muscle pain for sure.  Tendon, nerve?  Who knows.  Anyway, I ran very, very slow today.  I was planning on running for 45 minutes no matter the mileage, I didn’t quite make it, I just wanted to be done and I had to go to the bathroom so 36 minutes is what I ended up with.

3.28 miles    Avg pace 11:04    313 calories    Avg HR 152    Max HR 174

  1. 10:56
  2. 10:50
  3. 11:33  (maybe my leg wasn’t feeling better)
  4. 10:46

One Response

  1. I think it’s time to go to the doctor…the pain has been going on for too long now!

    Sorry you had such a crummy run!

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