Holy Cow – I ran 20 miles today!

I can’t believe it, we did it,  Annette and I ran 20 miles today, it’s a freaking miracle we finished.  I had really been looking forward to today, the weather was supposed to be good, it’s our last “long” run before the marathon, we’ve already run several 16 milers and one 18 miler last week and I really was kind of excited about doing 20 miles, 20 miles!  That didn’t last long.

It was just me and Annette today, Kelly and Michele had other obligations and since Kim hurt her knee, she’s been out.  We were at the Capitol about 15 minutes early and stayed in my truck keeping warm until it was time to get out for the 6:00 am ritual from our leader of “Good Morning Crackheads” and any last minute instructions on water stops,  changes in the route or special announcements.  It was a huge crowd today, at least 200 hundred people, bigger than some races I’ve run in.

Our course today was sort of taking us backwards on the marathon course, we started at the State Capitol and headed downtown across the river into North Little Rock for a tour then back to Little Rock where we crossed I-630 umpteen times, saw the Governor’s Mansion, Central High, Da Hood, the River Market, President Clinton Library, the Holiday Inn where we made a bathroom break (nice restrooms) , da Hood again, the Capitol again and then up Kavanaugh which is really a nice area, always lots of folks outside.  One of the ladies had opened her house for us to use as a pit stop, it was very nice (I wanted to just stay with them), that was at mile 15, very nice.  Then it was down through Alsopp Park over to Riverfront Drive, through Titus Trail where I lost my gloves 😦 and then up Dillard’s hill back the to Capitol, 20 whole miles.

The first few miles went by pretty quick, but after mile 8 or so, they were tough.  I’m pretty shocked that we were done before noon!!

The good news, my leg didn’t bother me much at all, actually felt better than it’s felt in a month.  The bad news, my back, OMG, I knew it was going to bother me around mile 5 or 6, but there was nothing I could do about it, but keep running.  It’s a strange pain underneath my shoulder blade, very deep down, if I stop running it seems to hurt worse and makes me nauseated to the point of puking.  Over by Central High I sat on the curb and leaned my back against this fire hydrant where I could get to the pain.  It helped for about 1 mile.  And to top it off my left foot started hurting on the bottom, first in the arch and then to the outside of my foot, I’ve never had that pain before, what’s next?  I had to stop twice and take my shoe off, felt like there was a big rock under my arch.

Poor Annette had to put up with my whining and complaining, I just wanted to have a good run, a little past mile 17 I almost cracked.  I could feel the tears coming, my foot hurt, my back hurt and I needed to puke.  She probably thought, oh crap, what am I going to do now?  But, she did the right thing, she said we could do it and I wanted to do it, I just didn’t know how I was going to do it.  Looking at our route we had about 10 more turns and it was just overwhelming, I didn’t want to think anymore, I just wanted to shuffle to the finish.

We did finish and we both got our 20 miles in, it wasn’t perfect, but we did it and I think I can do the marathon now, it’s just 21 days away, so I’m on my taper until then.  I hope we have weather like we had to today, it started out cool, around 32, but it warmed up nicely and was perfect.  Not windy, well it did get windy but not too bad at all, we have had MUCH worse.  No snotty old men following us around this week.  Thank goodness, I’m still creeped out over that.

The Little Rock Marathon Training Group did a great job, I really appreciate their hard work, time and effort they put in to getting us all trained for months!  I can’t believe it’s almost over.

The stats, ugly as they are –

20 miles    Avg pace 12:02    4:00:37    1833 Calories    Avg HR 155  Max 171

  1. 11:06
  2. 11:16
  3. 10:58
  4. 11:10
  5. 12:48 (first gel)
  6. 11:28
  7. 11:02
  8. 11:03
  9. 12:40 (second gel)
  10. 11:53
  11. 12:05
  12. 11:37
  13. 14:23 (third gel)
  14. 13:47 (up Kavanaugh)
  15. 11:44
  16. 12:14 misery
  17. 12:39    ”
  18. 11:33 (downhill 🙂 )
  19. 12:55  more misery
  20. 12:14     ”

6 Responses

  1. WAY TO GO Cheryl! You are sooooo ready for that race! And it sounds like your course today was spot-on to mock the marathon!!!!

  2. Cheryl – you guys did GREAT!!! I know it was tough but hey if it was easy EVERYONE would do it. Enjoy your taper.


  3. 20 miles! My hero!

    Man, I NEVER want to do that! 🙂

  4. Ok – I had to reply again to this post. I can’t wait to see the post that reads “Holy Cow – I ran a marathon”.


  5. Cheryl, loved your post!

    Your post was submitted to appear in the kdays.com Running Blog Carnival. Issue #2008-03 came out today.


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