No Run Monday

Well, I needed to run 4 miles today, but my foot is really sore from our long 20 mile run on Saturday. So, I decided to wait until tomorrow, one more day of rest will do worlds of good I hope. I have no idea what the pain could be, of course I did all sorts of research on the Internet and can’t really find anything. The pain started in the arch of my foot (I have really high arches) like there was a huge rock under my arch and then it started hurting on the outside too. It doesn’t hurt to mash on it, not bruised, not swollen, just bizarre. I do wear inserts in my shoes, can’t think of the name, but they are usually at all the running Expos where you stand on some sort of contraption and they can tell you what sort of inserts you need. I’ve worn them for the entire time I’ve been running, so I don’t think they’re the problem. Hopefully tomorrow my foot will feel all better.

Glenn and I had a knock down drag out yesterday, not literally, but he is not happy (he’s says for the past 2 years) and realizes I’m not either so we may be separating, well we aren’t married so I don’t know if that’s the right word. This is very hard, but I knew it was coming, then today he called and wants to see a counselor, of course I’ll go. The problem is that he believes I’m 90% of the problem, that’s 100% of the problem. We shall see.


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  1. Cheryl:

    That sounds a little like something I have called plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of material in the heel or arch of the foot. When I have it, I know I’m not stretching my legs enough and that my shoes may not give enough support.

    Hope you feel better, Kate (

  2. Do you have any pain on the top of your foot??? When I had that Morton’s Neuroma, it felt like I was stepping on a big rock…pain started on bottom of foot and radiated to the top. After a few Cortisone Injections, it settled down. Boy, those injections hurt (typing this brought back the memories—-and I can share more if need be!!!).

  3. Sorry to hear about the pain. Sometimes we don’t have a name for the injury. But you can still treat it. I’d recommend good deep massage with your fingers, ice for 10 minutes every hour, and ibuprofen 4 x 200mg three times a day for at least several days.

    Best of luck with your recovery and relationship.

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