Little Rock Marathon Countdown – 19 days

19 days until my first marathon – I’ve been training since late August, I hope all will pay off. My ankle sprain and travels put me a little behind, but all the training with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group on Saturday mornings really helped catch me back up. Tonight is my Running Clinic, last week was cut short by the horrible storms, tonight will be COLD and WINDY, my two least favorite things. Keeping my fingers crossed that my foot or leg doesn’t hurt and I can make it through the clinic and the next 19 days!


2 Responses

  1. Way to go Cheryl!!!! I’m proud of ya. You are going to be soooooooo proud of yourself when you cross that finish line.

  2. cheryl, i will be there too. From OHio. This will be my first Little Rock Marathon, my sixth overall. The key is to take your time, back off your pace the first half and enjoy yourself. First one was rough for me because of bad advice, the next five were great. You are in no hurry. Only racing yourself.

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