Little Rock Marathon Countdown – 18 days

18 days to go, oh crap. This foot pain has got to go!! I went to my Tuesday Night Flyers running clinic in Cabot last night, wow was it cold and windy, and planned on doing the advanced workout, I didn’t mention this to anyone, it was really almost the same as the intermediate, just a 5 minute longer tempo run, I could do that for sure. Boy was I wrong, stupid foot.

Before the clinic started everyone was huddled up trying to keep warm, Coach Dennis asked the people who had completed races over the weekend to share their stats, they ALL had PR’s!! Kelly who runs with me on Saturdays when she can, took over 5 minutes off her previous 5K time, from 32:XX to 27:XX. And the guys rattled off their times too, but I wasn’t really listening, I was so impressed with Kelly’s time, WOWZER KELLY!! I haven’t run a 5K since September, I think, probably slow as a snail since I’ve been training for this marathon!

Back to the clinic – Our goal for tonight was 2 mile warm up run, 4 x strides, 20 minute tempo run at LT pace, 4 x strides and then I think just a cool down run back to the start or 1 mile cool down. As soon as we started out on the warm up run everyone took off like their was someone chasing them, it was really cold and windy and people were anxious to get warm, but geez, it is a warm up run. My foot started hurting almost immediately, right in the arch then to the outside, the only way to describe is if you have every had orthotics for the first time, how they hurt and you think, I’m never going to be able to get used to this, well that’s how it feels constantly, like there is a huge rock under my arch. I kept running, slow, I was at the back, Arland was back there with me and then Bailey turned around and ran some with me too. I know people are thinking why is she always running so slow? Well, it’s always some sort of DAMNED pain!! I’m so sick of it!!!

Annette, Kelly, Bailey and I took the loop to Andrea’s house for a pit stop, of course, what would the clinic be without one bathroom break? I was thankful just to stop running so my foot would quit throbbing. Once we started running again I started getting stabbing pains, OH NO, I’m not going to be able to run like this, so I told Annette, she and Kelly ran with me back to my vehicle (thank you!). I got 1.5 miles in, woohoo, at least I got more than zero. Now what?

I received a recommendation from Tom to ice, massage and take ibuprofen, that’s my course of action today. I don’t think it’s Plantar Faciitis, because I’m not having any heal pain at all. It’s not bruised, not swollen, not red, just old age I think 😦

Positive thinking, this will go away, my foot will be better tomorrow. I cannot run 26.2 miles on this one, so keep thinking positive thoughts for me! Only 18 days to go!! I received my Little Rock Marathon Race book in the mail yesterday, I actually got a little excited, had the course, which you can barely make out and all sorts of information, being my first marathon it is a little exciting as long as I can actually run it 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Hey Kelly and I were more than happy to run you back to the school. I know this new pain is stressing you out, as it would me too!!! Try to relax don’t worry so much about mileage you just need to take care of your foot! You still have time and you have done such a great job with all of your training runs!!!
    Tom gave you great advice… smiliar to what I told you last night I believe ;)!

  2. I did not know what Plantar Faciitis was. This page seemed to give some good info and advice.

    Hopefully this can help you. A little time to heal would be better than missing the LR marathon. You have worked really hard for this and have done so well. Keep up the focus and determination, but listen to your body too.

  3. Boy that Kally is a fast one! I’ll never be able to keep up with her in the next half marathon like in Tulsa!!!

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