Little Rock Marathon Countdown – 17 days

17 days to go until the Little Rock Marathon and I need a new foot!! I iced my foot A LOT yesterday and took ibuprofen a couple of times and today my foot hurts more than it did. I started icing it again around 10 am and started getting these sharp shooting pains, unlike the pain before, I thought oh crap, what the hell did I do? So, I called my Ortho doc and made an appointment. I go in Monday at 4pm. I’m scared.

I was supposed to meet Kim for a run at Lakewood this afternoon, but I called her and told her there was no way I was running, but I would walk and that’s what I did, with her dog Maxx in tow, I did wear my running shoes and I didn’t have any pain. So weird, I’m befuddled. I really don’t believe it’s Plantar Faciitis, I thought it might be a stress fracture, now I don’t think that’s it either, wouldn’t it hurt all the time? I had a stress fracture years ago and I remember PAIN, but it wasn’t from running, it was from being a waitress and jumping off a bar (don’t ask).

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to do a trial run from my house, just to see how it feels, I really want to do our scheduled 12 mile run on Saturday morning, if I feel any pain I will stop, if not I will do a slow 2 mile run.

Got a call today from my fav Aunt Martha, she’s who Kim, Annette and I stayed with in Memphis when we ran the Memphis St. Jude Half Marathon in December. She was checking to see if we were coming back in March for the Germantown Half Marathon, no, we will not be making that trip. She wanted to know if she needed to come to Little Rock and give me last rites before the Marathon, maybe bring some holy water or something to sprinkle on me to get me through. LOL, she is a pretty funny lady.

Okay peeps, keep those positive thoughts coming, Good Foot, very Good Foot, Nice Foot, Pretty Foot, oh okay, that’s going a little far.

3 Responses

  1. Well you do have pretty feet.. it’s a shame they are causing you so much pain!! I love that Aunt Martha called to offer Last Rites. She is indeed a very funny lady. We need to go to Memphis just to visit her sometime.

  2. Yes, I agree w/Annette—I envy your feet, they are too pretty 🙂

    I’m on pins and needles too until your Ortho appt.

  3. Foot: eek! Do let us know what the ortho doc says.

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