Little Rock Marathon Countdown – 16 days

16 days until the Little Rock Marathon and I’ve only run about 3 miles for the week!!  I did get out and run a little this afternoon, testing the foot out for my 12 mile run in the morning.  I took the orthotic out of my shoe, which was really bothering me on Tuesday and it seemed to help just using the regular shoe insert.  So, I ran about a mile until I could feel my foot start to twinge just a little and then I decided just to walk, knowing those 12 miles were more important.  I’ve thought about taping my foot, around my arch, I have really high arches, therefore the orthotic, has anyone had luck with taping?  Curious.

Annette will be running in the Arkansas River Trail 15K tomorrow so she won’t be running with the Little Rock Marathon training group, but Kim has decided to run with me!!  It’s been a while since Kim and I have been able to run together, hopefully her knee and my foot will hold out for the entire 12 miles.  After the 20 miles last Saturday, 12 doesn’t sound so bad.  I’ll try and keep my whining to a minimum!

If we are lucky tomorrow we might get to see the 15K racers on the River Trail, they start at 8am and we will probably be on the River Trail at that time.   I’m really not sure of the route tomorrow, but the last time we did Murray Park it took us over to the River Trail, one of the nicer runs I’ve had, so I’m looking forward to it.

Keep those positive foot thoughts coming-  Gooo00d feet, nice feet, non hurting feet!


2 Responses

  1. I’m crossing my fingers that all body parts cooperate tomorrow!!! Or, we’ll be whining and moaning like 2 old ladies 😉

  2. Hey Cheryl, I have done the taping thing and it does help. I have heel/achilles pain and I wrapped it Sunday before my 10 miler and it really helped. Mine tends to hurt the same weather I run 2 miles or 26.2. It won’t hurt anything to give it a try and might make it feel much better. Hang in there, you can do it!

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