Wet 12 mile run – 15 days to go

Countdown to the Little Rock Marathon – 15 days to go. We are in our taper for the Little Rock Marathon and today we were scheduled for 12 miles. The weather forecast for today was RAIN. I checked last night before I went to bed and the hour-by-hour forecast at 6am was 30% chance of rain and the percentages went up from there. I thought we might get lucky, that’s a 70% chance it won’t rain, right? Wrong.

Kim met me at Academy Sports at 5:25 am, it was already misting rain, but we headed to Murray Park in Little Rock for the 12 mile run anyway. We were there very early, about 15 minutes early, we stayed in the car, I used the bathroom and signed us in, got the route, big disappointment on the route today and waited for the start.

The route was mostly on the River Trail, I was hoping it would take us through downtown Little Rock, just really didn’t want to run on the River Trail today. It was sort of an out and back, we ran toward Cantrell from Murray Park, circled around Jr. Deputy Park (where it really started raining), hit Titus Trail and back over to Riverfront Drive, back to the River Trail, over the Big Dam Bridge, made a loop to Cook’s Landing in North Little Rock, back over the Big Dam Bridge and back to our car. I stopped my Garmin at 12 miles, Kim kept hers going and we got over 12 miles.

Luckily my foot didn’t act up today, I decided to kept my purchased insert out and I also taped my arch. I really didn’t feel much pain at all until around mile 11.5, but by then I knew I could finish if my stomach hadn’t started rumbling. I haven’t had any stomach problems in a while. But a couple of times I had to walk for a minute until the rumbling stopped. I never had to find a restroom, but you can bet I was aware of where they were if I needed one. My heart rates was elevated today, which made me have to slow down a lot, I think it’s because I didn’t get to run much this week, I hope so anyway. I plan on being back on schedule for the next 2 weeks. Positive thoughts!!

Despite the rain and long drawn out route, it was a good run. I enjoyed running with Kim today, we haven’t run together in quite awhile. She always has lots of stories to tell and it makes the miles tick by. Miles 4, 5 and 6 actually went by very fast, I couldn’t believe how fast they went by, even though we were on a long stretch from Riverfront Drive down onto the River Trail. This section will also be on the Marathon course in two weeks.

There were lots of people out today and everyone was saying “Good Morning”, when we were running up the steep side of the Big Dam Bridge this guy was running down and he held up his hands and clapped when he passed us. That was nice, made us feel good.

After our run, we stretched, took off some of our wet clothes, untaped and unstrapped whatever body parts we had taped/strapped down and headed to Boulevard Bread Co. in the River Market. Once again the coffee and toast were oh so delicious, especially on a wet, dreary day like today.

12 miles 2:21:37 11:47 avg pace 1118 Calories Avg HR 162 Max 181

  1. 10:58
  2. 11:13
  3. 11:38
  4. 12:17
  5. 11:11
  6. 13:22
  7. 11:34
  8. 12:09
  9. 11:16
  10. 11:24
  11. 11:46
  12. 12:41

2 Responses

  1. Excellent on all fronts! I hope all runs to come are as enjoyable for you!

  2. I am SO glad you guys were able to have a good run today!!!!
    We were all thinking about you!

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