The results are in…drum roll please

I’m old.  That’s about all I got out of my Ortho appointment this afternoon.  I’m no worse and no better off than when I walked in.  The whole appointment was a complete disconnect between me and my doctor, I would say something and he would reply with some off the wall crap.

Good news though, no broken bones.  He thinks I may have irritated my Plantar Faciitis, but I don’t, he wasn’t listening to what I was saying at all, about where my pain is.  He kept asking about my inserts, where did I get them, how much did they cost, I really need to wear them, duh, I need to stretch, duh.  He was on another planet I tell you.

I also tried to tell him about my hip/groin pain and he just kind of dismissed it, said it was probably tendinitis, or may age, not painful enough for a stress fracture.  So no answers on what to do about that other than deal with it.

His assistant handed me a brochure on Heel Pain in big bold letters on the front, I said right in front of him – I don’t have any Heel Pain!, crap it was very frustrating!

He suggested I come back next week and get a Steroid shot in my foot so I can make it through the marathon.  I explained to him I can’t have steroids, not to go into all the details, but when I was 13 I had Nocardia which was really rare and they always told me I could never use Steroids of any sort.  So I explained this to the doctor and he said “oh, I don’t think it will hurt you”.  Hmmm, I think I better check into it first, I certainly don’t want to croak or end up with a third eye or something.  He didn’t know what Nocardia was and if I was him I would have said “let me check into it and if it’s okay, we can give you a shot”. DUH

So it was really a wasted trip of time and money, I do have the piece of mind that I’m not going to snap a bone in half or anything though.

I did get to run at lunch today, I ran up to Sylvan Hills High School and back, which is a little over a 3 mile loop, hilly for sure, it was tough, the wind was whipping about 20 mph, but it was about 50 degrees so that made it bearable.  My leg and foot warmed up after a couple of miles.  It is so hard for me to run by myself, I had been running for what I thought was a mile when I looked at my Garmin it said .50, HOLY COW, you have got to be kidding me.  I couldn’t believe I had only run 1/2 a mile, I could have sworn I was close to a mile, I was cussing up a storm, I guess it was a good thing I was by myself.

3.09 miles    33:59    282 Calories    Avg Pace 10:59    Avg HR 157    Max 182 (Whoa)

  1. 11:34
  2. 10:57
  3. 10:33 (looks like I got warmed up)
  4. 10:00 (this was just average pace for .09)

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  1. Doctors! Ugh!


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