Little Rock Marathon Countdown – 11 days

OMG – I can’t believe it’s only 11 days to go, my first marathon. I’m starting to get nervous, especially when I’m out running 3 miles and my leg is killing me, yes I know, not my foot, but it’s my mind that is working overtime – how the hell am I going to run 26.2 miles? Can I do it? Will I have to walk a lot? Will my back hurt? What will the weather be like? Will I find someone to run with to keep me sane? Will my foot hurt, will my leg hurt? Should I get the steroid shot in my foot? Will I finish under 6 hours? Under 5:30? What will I wear? It never stops. I mean never!!!

Last night was our Tuesday Night Running Clinic in Cabot, I was thinking it would be a bit warmer, but of course not warm enough for me. Everyone asked about my foot since I had to cut it short last week. Luckily my foot is feeling MUCH better, I will try and put my orthotic back in today. Our training last night was hill repeats, UGH, don’t you just love them? Lucky for us Coach Dennis had changed our location to Alpine (incline) instead of Overlook (monster hill) we were doing something different on the hills, sort of like strides, start going at a comfortable pace then at the 2nd mailbox pick it up to 75%, hit the drain 85%, top of the incline recover and come back down. Six of these for the intermediate, 9 for advanced. It wasn’t that bad, just a little confusing, because we were only supposed to do 2 of the pick-ups, but I wasn’t clear on what we were supposed to do for the other 4 repeats, so I just did the pick-ups.

I ran our warm up run with Bailey and Annette, I was REALLY struggling, my thigh bone (I know Femur) was killing me, I forgot to take any Ibuprofen, stupid me. It was all I could do to make it through the warm up, I think we were supposed to do 2 miles, but I only had about 1.8, the pain was up into my hip bone by that point and I needed to stop and do some hill repeats 🙂

I ended up doing the hill repeats mostly by myself, I would get to say Hi and chat with some of the folks at the top of the hill while we were recovering, but my pace is much slower than most of the people in the clinic. I need Jennifer back, where is she anyway? I had a nice chat about first Marathons with Cindy and Brenda, they were telling me about their first marathons and how nervous they were and how emotional it was for them.

When I finished my repeats I said bye and headed back to my vehicle. I ran about halfway there and my leg was just making me hobble, so I turned off my Garmin and walked. I had gotten my 3 miles in for the day (taper week) anyway, so all was good.

Everyone at the clinic is getting so fast, I think the clinic has helped tremendously, but I don’t get to go every week because of traveling, I need to find a job where I don’t travel at all! That really puts a cramp in my running 🙂 don’t you think? Anyone looking for help? I can do anything and have done almost every job imaginable, I even did some work for the Gas Company checking how energy efficient houses were, I have a certificate somewhere. Jack of all Trades, Master of none.

Here are the stats from last night, pitiful.
3.53 Miles Avg pace 10:56 325 Calories Avg HR 146 Max 172

  1. 10:56
  2. 10:48
  3. 10:53
  4. 11:13

4 Responses

  1. “how the hell am I going to run 26.2 miles? Can I do it? Will I have to walk a lot?”

    You can do it Cheryl. First off don’t even worry about a time. Just concentrate on finishing. And walking is ok. Some people run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute the whole 26 miles! I did a 1 mile run, 30 second walk in my first marathon and it worked, but some people just can’t stand to walk and thats ok. Get yourself a game plan on how you are going to break it down though. Then you can have mini goals, like run till the next water stop or whatever. It gives you something to look forward to. I know I have to break it down into chunks. Then when you hit 20 just think that you really don’t have that much more to go, its like running from the Skate Park to the Big Dam Bridge. Heck, you have done that many many times so you know you can do that.

    One of the most important parts is just hydration and calorie intake. If you have that down you will feel good other than the legs just getting tired. Most of all, just have fun and enjoy the people that will be cheering you on.

    If I can do it, you can do it too!! See you at the finish line!

  2. You’re gonna rock the marathon! I agree with Arland; just focus on finishing. By any means necessary!

    If I can do it, you can do it. And probably better!

  3. Cheryl,

    As we talked about last night you will have a TON of different emotions these last few days. Just remember it is NORMAL!!! ha! On my first marathon (and actually every marathon now that I think of it) I completely obsess about it and think about it 24/7. Just know you have done the training and you will finish!!! Don’t worry about time just put your training into motion and DO IT!!!
    We will all be waiting at the finish line or we are hoping to go hunt you down and run the last part with you!

  4. I hated to see you have to run back to the school by yourself!!!

    I was so scared and nervous leading up to Chicago!! I still am thinking about Nashville! But you have trained hard you you will do great. Don’t even think about time, it will just psych you out. Think instead about how awesome it is that you are running a marathon!

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