Little Rock Marathon Countdown – 10 days

The Little Rock Marathon is only 10 days away, woohoo, let’s get some spring time weather in here! It’s very cold today, I think the high is 38, brrrr. I had a lot of good advice from some of my running buddies about the marathon and I’ve been thinking about a game plan. Still don’t have it down exactly, but I’m thinking I’ll start out with the 5:30 pace group so I don’t go out too fast, I don’t want to start sprinting the first 3-5 miles and then regret it. Then I think I’ll try and keep my pace around 12:00 or 12:30, but if don’t, that’s okay too. If I can do that, I’m pretty certain I’ll be fine. All of my long runs have been in the 12 minute range, a little slower might even be better. I’m carrying my fuel belt with my gels, water with Nuun, Clif Shot bloks, ibuprofen, tylenol and chapstick. I plan on just walking the water stations even if I don’t get water, since I’ll have my own. This is my tentative plan for now, it may change within the next 10 days.

Yesterday I was able to met Kim at Lakewood for my scheduled 3 mile run, we were supposed to meet at 2:30, but it started sprinkling and met at 2pm instead. It was around 51 degrees, but windy, of course. Kim had already run for 2.5 miles before I got there so I just walked a little before we started running, the first mile felt pretty good. I had put my orthotic back in my shoe to see how it would feel, felt fine. YEA!!! I also remembered to take my ibuprofen before running which made my leg feel better too, gotta love the ibuprofen! Our second mile felt pretty good too, the third mile, not so good, I started getting winded after we had run up a couple of hills, pitiful really, so a couple of walk breaks were in order, catching my breath and off again.

Kim is getting ready to head to Ft. Worth for the Cowtown Marathon this weekend and was pretty excited about that, so we both have marathon fever! The run went by really quick today, my foot is feeling really good, leg not great, but bearable, hopefully by Marathon day they will both be in tip top shape.

Today is supposed to be another 3 mile run, but the weather is not looking good, it just started raining and it’s about 32 degrees, I can do without the rain and cold. If I have to I can run tomorrow. Right now I just want to crawl back under the covers and get warm!

Here are the stats from yesterday’s run –

3.72 miles 10:48 avg pace 341 Calories Avg HR 159 Max 181

  1. 10:30
  2. 10:23
  3. 11:18 (told you the 3rd mile sucked)
  4. 11:06

3 Responses

  1. Ibuprophen is a girls best friend. Can’t wait to hear about your marathon!

  2. I ran with the 5:30 pace group last year!!!! Well, until about mile 20, when I DIED. But I finished in 5:38 and it was a GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!! Most exhilerating thing EVER!!!

  3. There’s a title of a blog I like. One Advil at a time…something like that! Godd luck on your marathon! Can’t wait to hear the results!!

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