Little Rock Marathon Countdown & Madness

The countdown is on and the madness is setting in! Only 8 days until the Little Rock Marathon and Annette says I have taper madness, when she said that at Boulevard Bread this morning it mad me think of a rabid dog! Well, I’m not that bad, yet. The doubts have definitely been at the edge of my thoughts, especially while we were doing our last training run with the Little Rock Marathon training group at 6am this morning.

I met Annette, Bailey and Michele at Academy Sports at 5:30am, Annette drove us to McArthur Park, our meeting spot today for the 6 mile run. Kelly was supposed to run with us too, but she didn’t make it, that was a bummer 😦 We arrived much earlier than we normally do so we got out and took a couple of pictures, I brought my camera to capture the Kodak moment. We noticed a Channel 7 news vehicle and then we saw the camera, maybe that got a couple of shots of us posing.

It was a bittersweet day for me, I’m going to miss these early Saturday mornings with my friends, even though the runs are hard, we always have a lot of fun afterwards. The loop today was part of the marathon course and I really wasn’t interested in it at all, it’s a lot of uphill grades, not bad, just long uphills, and seen that, done that, if you know what I mean. I got winded really early, at the time I didn’t know why, but my average heart rate for the 6 miles was 169, usually it’s about 155, it can’t be like that on marathon day!! I had to take a couple of walk breaks, just out of breath and that’s when the demons were talking to me about the marathon. How the hell was I going to be able to run 26.2 miles when I could barely run 6? I tried to put the thoughts out of my head, but it was really hard. The girls would run ahead and then circle back for me, I felt horrible! I knew I could do it, but I couldn’t, but I wanted to!

We finally made it through the 6 miles and Annette handed me her key and said her and Michele were running back to the River Market and they would see us there. Well, okay. So, Bailey and I drove down, parked and got inside where it was warm (cold run today mid 30’s) and waited on the girls, it was only about a mile run for them so they made it pretty quick. We sat and talked for quite awhile and then we headed to Cabot to the Daily Grind to meet Brenda, Cindy, Jackie and Lisa. Yes, doubling the caffeine intake for today.

We ordered our drinks and didn’t have to wait long for the crew. Brenda gave me a book on Marathon Quotes with a sweet note inside, very nice, I was really surprised! We chatted awhile and then Annette drove me back to my vehicle in Sherwood because she missed the exit on the way to Cabot. Silly girl.

Later in the day we met at Sporty Runner in Conway, I needed some Carb-Boom, Michele needed shoes, Annette got shoes and Bailey got a sack full of stuff.

It was a great day, Kim finished her half marathon in Ft. Worth (almost missed the start though), around 2:04, which is really great considering she is coming off an injury. We got to do our last Saturday run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group and hear Tom yell out “Good Morning Crackheads!!”, no one had any stomach problems today, woohoo!!, just 8 days to go until the marathon and half marathon. But, I’ve got to get that Taper Madness out of my head, it’s really maddening, HA!

6 miles 11:01 avg pace 562 Calories 169 Avg HR 180 Max

  1. 11:12
  2. 10:49
  3. 10:56
  4. 11:07
  5. 10:44
  6. 11:19

Bailey, Annette, Me and Michele before we started our 6 mile run today. More pictures over in my Flickr
Bailey, Annette, Me, Michele

3 Responses

  1. Cheryl, come race day you will be so pumped you will be wondering why you didn’t run that good on training runs. The madness is part of it though, especially for your first. I know I had it last year even for my first 1/2. Now its no big deal, mainly because I have done the distance before. The miles after mile 20 are like walking on the moon for your first marathon. But the finish will be unforgettable. You are going to rock!

    By the way, nice picture. Looks like a lady marathon gang to me:)

  2. What a beautiful group of ladies!

    You’re going to have an amazing time on race day. You’ll be DOING IT!!!!

  3. You’ll do awesome! I’d only be worried if you weren’t nervous.

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