Marathon Madness – 5 days to go

How the heck did I get myself into this???  5 days to go?  That can’t be right?  I’m sick to my stomach.  Do I start with the 5:30 pace group or the 5:15 pace group, now I’m second guessing myself.  I guess I’ll figure that out when I get there on Sunday morning, which apparently will be around 6:45, even though the race doesn’t start until 8:00.  I don’t want to park a gazillion miles away or miss my last potty stop and I want to settle in, if you know what I mean.  I want to feel the excitement, this is my first marathon after all!!! My first and maybe my last, isn’t that what my doctor said last week, goober.

At least the weather looks decent, high of 64, Low 46, 30% chance of showers.  Now, what should I wear?  No, not wearing shorts, hate my legs (they look old) and I would have to shave them.   Tops, hmm, short sleeve under a old jacket and then toss the jacket?  That sounds pretty good.  I’m also wondering if I can find some cheap gloves to toss too.  Wearing my fuel belt for sure.  Also bringing an extra Nuun tablet, my Mom and Aunt Martha will be at around mile 16 with a new bottle of water so I gotta have my Nuun.

I’m very excited about them meeting me on the course, it gives me something to look forward to, that’s a tough spot, right at the top of the huge 2 mile incline (Kavanaugh Hill), I’ll need some cheering up about then.  That’s where I was boohooing on my 2o mile run.   Then Annette and whoever she can wrangle into coming with her will meet me down on Riverfront Drive, I think around mile 20, not sure exactly, I’m excited about that too.  I’m really going to need them to carry me by then, bring help, LOL.  I’m thinking piggy back ride so bring Arland.

Tonight is our first Women Can Run clinic.  It’s a 10 week clinic for women only, I did it last year and really enjoyed it.  It’s in a different location this year, not as close, but still close enough.  I’m hoping to increase my speed and just try and like it!  Kim will be coming to the North Little Rock clinic with me, Annette will be doing the Cabot clinic with all the Cabot girls.  My friend Sheryl who lives in Benton is supposed to start the clinic there, she better, I need to check up on her!

Glenn and I go Friday for our couple’s counseling, woohoo, but my mind is pretty much preoccupied with the Marathon, he has yet to say anything about going or meeting me at the marathon, so I take that as he’s not.  So, maybe I’ll bring that up on Friday, loving the support.


One Response

  1. Definitely wear shorts. You will not regret it.

    Counseling: eek. I hope good comes of it. You certainly deserve the best!

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