Little Rock Marathon Countdown – 4 days

Little Rock Marathon is 4 days away and here’s a couple of questions for you –

1.  How often should I do my Carb-boom, ever 4 miles or ever hour?

2.  I have been sneezing today, like I might be getting a cold, I don’t feel bad at all, should I go to the doctor? or hope it’s just allergies?

Those are the two things currently bugging the crap out of me, so any help would be great!

Last night was the first night of our Women Can Run Clinic, 10 weeks until the 5K in Conway (I bombed last year).  We had about 7 people in our advanced group including me and Kim.  Our leader was Dianne, she was actually in our advanced group last year so I already knew her, she’s really great and I’ve actually run with her before.  She will be a great leader and I can’t wait till after the marathon to get the full benefit of the clinic.

Last night she wanted to do a timed 1 mile, Kim and I bought said no thanks.  Kim was still pretty sore from the Cowtown Marathon and I didn’t want to push it before the marathon on Sunday.  Kim and I just ran slow around the track, the track was weird, no lines, so there were girls all over, we weaved our way through walkers and runners alike.

About 1/2 mile into the run we both decided it was time to find a bathroom, we tried several doors, but they were all locked, we went around to the front of the school, pitch dark and tried the front doors, one set was locked, but the other set OPEN, wow, we walked right in, right into the bathroom.  We saw the janitor, used the facilities and went back to the track.  We only ended up with about 2.5 miles, fine with me, of course I forgot my ibuprofen and my leg/hip was killing me again!!  That worries me too, I’m going to beg for drugs tomorrow when I go to the Ortho MD.

It was warm last night, which was really nice for a change, but the mosquitos were already out, how can that be?  I still wore long sleeves, it wasn’t that warm, and knee length shorts.  We did our stretches and Dianne was telling us everyone’s timed mile results, wow, I’m definitely going to be one of the slow girls 😦 But, that’s why I’m going, to get faster.

2.54 Miles    10:53 Average pace    159 Avg HR    Max 172    237 Calories

  1. 11:11
  2. 10:36
  3. 10:51

5 Responses

  1. you are gonna be awesome!

  2. 1. It probably doesn’t matter. More is better than less, if your stomach can take it. But don’t do anything much differently than you’ve done during training!
    2. Who knows? I’ve found I find 100 different ways to feel bad during the taper; maybe your sneezing is way #101.

    Good luck in your marathon! It’s a huge accomplishments, but you’re done with the hard part of it already.

  3. Good luck and have a great run! Looking forward to reading the race report.

  4. You’re going to do an amazing job on Sunday!

    Good luck with the doc. keep us posted.

    Booting Along,

  5. Cheryl,

    I do GU every 5 miles but you need to do EXACTLY what you have been doing on your training runs. Everyone is different. Some people cannot eat anything (don’t know how they do it) and some have to eat more frequently. Just do what you have done on your training runs and you should be fine. I would definitely walk through every aid station and drink something switching off between water and a sports drink (if you can stomach sports drink).


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