Little Rock Marathon Countdown – 11 hours

OMG – I better start calling in a replacement! About two hours ago I was having those self doubts again, I was thinking how the hell can I get out of this marathon? But, I’m over those bad, bad thoughts. I have my clothes laid out, running skirt, white tech top, chip on shoe, dry bag packed and a list for in the morning.

Forecast for tonight is a low of 53, then tomorrow – Sunday: Partly sunny, with a high near 73. Breezy, with a south wind between 10 and 20 mph. Holy cow, it will be really warm, but the breeze will keep us cool. I’m nervous though, really nervous, I want to finish by 2:00pm, that’s my final goal, my real goal is 5:51, my bib number 551. If you are interested in runner tracking, on the Little Rock Marathon Home page, click the lips and I think they are posting results after I cross the relay stations, every six miles or some crap like that.

I talked to my mom and the whole family is coming to cheer me on, my second cousin, Grace, made posters like Run, Cheryl, Run. They will really make my last 10 miles much better seeing all of them, I say all, its my Mom, Sister, Daughter, Aunt Martha and Grace. They will also meet me at the finish line.

Wish me Good Luck and that all my body parts are having a good day tomorrow. Final Race Report probably on Monday. Thanks everyone for all the well wishes I have received!


3 Responses

  1. Go Cheryl!!! Go Cheryl!!! Don’t think about aches, pains, no negative thoughts invade your head! Sleep well tonight and you’ll have an awesome run tomorrow. If you do start to let those bad thoughts creep into your head, just think of how many people are rooting for you and that’ll help get you thru the tough spots. Put us at your mile markers and keep us there to cheer you on!

    If you hear faint cheering, that’s me from a distance, rooting for you from the base.

  2. You did it, Cheryl, you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wuhoo, and you rocked out your goal time by 10 minutes!

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