Little Rock Marathon Countdown – 25 hours

WooHoo!!  I’m over excited now, 25 hours to go!  Got up about 5:30am, but got a good night’s sleep, I’m sure it won’t be as easy tonight to get a sound sleep.

Kim and I met at Lakewood yesterday for a 2 mile easy run and then headed to the expo, we got downtown around 1:30, not much parking available, we ended up parking on Main Street about 3 blocks away at a meter.  Not many people at the Expo, walked right in, went from table to table, got our bib packet, dry bag, t-shirt (cute), chip, scanned chip and then into the expo.  The expo was a little bigger than last year, I think, but it was really hard to tell since it was in a different venue.  We were there only about 1 hour and we walked around twice.  We stopped at a lot of booths talking to people.  We both bought Marsupial Sport Bras, you guessed it, they have a waterproof pocket, can’t wait to try it out.  But that was the only thing I purchased.  I was disappointed the Pace groups were not there yet, I really wanted to sign up or whatever I need to do to get with a pace group.

After the expo we walked down to the River Market to Boulevard Bread to get a Latte, but by the time we got there we were to warm so we got Diet Cokes instead.  The afternoon was warm, about 70, super nice, I really enjoyed just being outside, I kept thinking this is what the weather will be like on Marathon Day.   I meant to bring my camera and forgot, but I’m going back today so hopefully I won’t forget again.  I did see the Finish Line when we went over the River Bridge, yippee, that’s where I’ll be on Sunday about the same time.

So now I’ve decided to wear shorts tomorrow, now, which ones?  I don’t want that elastic bugging the crap out of me for hours, I’m not used to it, so I have some Nike shorts with a wide band instead of my Tempo running shorts that I might wear.  I have three shirts laid out, blue, orange and neon green, I’ll be trying those on today to see which one I like the best, probably the orange.   I will probably post again later today since my mind is full of crap I can’t seem to get out all the words!


2 Responses

  1. Will they have real time tracking? What’s your bib number?

  2. Yay Cheryl!!!! I am so excited for you!!!

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