Race Report Part 2

Now this is the second time I’ve written this, dang it! I’ll start with these pictures, the pictures are of me coming up Kavanaugh about mile 15.5 to where my family was waiting on me and then the second one you can see Grace (second cousin) running toward me standing next to my Mom, third one is when Melissa, Cathy and I are walking away.




Since Melissa and Cathy were still going to walk I decided I better run, my back was still hurting and I didn’t want to get that nauseated feeling again. Once I got to mile 16 I checked my phone and I had 8 missed calls! Seven were from Annette and I had a voice mail from Kim, I listened to the voice mail and Kim gave me another little boost and then I tried Annette again, no luck. Down Lookout Hill I went. I ran down the entire hill, I felt like I was the only person on that hill, it was so quite, there was no one around, when I was getting close to the bottom I could hear loud music and as I rounded the corner there was a DJ playing loud music and calling out my name and he ran with me for a few feet. I don’t remember what he was shouting, but it made me laugh despite the fact I was getting ready for the dreaded out and back.

There is a huge viaduct before you hit Riverfront Drive, I tried to run up it, but only made it about halfway, when I got to the top I started running again. Mile 18 was at the bottom. At some point I did get in touch with Annette and she told me to call when I got around mile 20. As I made the turn on to Riverfront you are running beside the runners that are coming back from the out and back and you can hear them saying things like “where is the 23 mile marker?” and I’m thinking what? 5 miles out and back, this is going to be tough and it was. For one thing there wasn’t many runners this far back in the pack. I passed a couple of people who were walking and I could see people in the distance, but I didn’t talk to anyone for a long time.

When I got to mile 19, I thought this mile is for Kim and then when I got to mile 20 it was for Annette, and then mile 21 was for everyone, first the people that I’ve been running with, I would say their names, Kelly, Michele, Bailey, Arland, Brenda, Cindy on and on and then people online. I was just trying to keep my mind off the road, the five miles were hard, my feet were tingling, my hip was hurting a little too. It was flat, boring and just blah. When I got to mile 23 there was a bench, I plopped my ass down and stretched my hip flexors, got back up and took off again. When I got to 23.95 I called Annette. She said they were waiting for me at Titus Trail, mile marker 24, that put a little pep in my step.

I could hear Bailey before I could see her, but then there she was in her silver mylar cape, dancing all around saying how great I was doing, and then there was Kelly in her cape too, Annette and Michele without capes, they were all so happy and cheery! Those girls had run the half marathon and had walked two miles to meet me and run back the last two miles with me, I was overwhelmed. My throat was closed up, but I didn’t want to lose my control because I knew I wouldn’t be able to run. We continued to shuffle along, run, walk a few seconds and then run. They kept telling me how great I was doing, I was hearing it, but all I knew was I want this to be over! I couldn’t talk much. They were trying so hard to be encouraging. I was so happy they had come to meet me, I was so very tired and tired of running alone too.

We made it up the last two hills somehow, I don’t remember those two hills much at all. I do remember Kelly almost losing her finisher’s hat though. I would have hated that! Close to mile 25 they were giving out beer, I think a couple of the girls took a cup but threw it out because it was warm. Then there was a lipstick stop, but of course I stopped and we all got a tube of lipstick, Bailey proceeded to give me a big kiss on my cheek, silly girl. Then we could see it, the end, the orange cones at the end of the street, I was getting a little emotional and the girls veered off to the right so I could run down the chute.

I heard them announce my name over the loud speaker and all of the Cabot gang was screaming on my left and then my family was screaming on the other side, I was waving to everyone like I had just won the marathon! I saw the time 5:41 and I was amazed, 10 minutes faster than my goal time. I was so proud of myself, I did it. I finished my first marathon.

Once I got across the mat and stopped my Garmin I had 5:36:15 with 26.5 miles, so my chip time might be a little better. The volunteers were tired I’m sure after being there all day, so the enthusiasm level was nil, medal around my neck, I had no idea where to go, I was kind of wandering and disoriented, then the guy taking the chip off my shoe left my shoe untied, still didn’t know where to go, some girl handed me my finisher’s tech shirt, size Large “oh that’s all we have left”, that pissed me off, I’ll never be able to wear it, they might as well have kept it. Then a grocery sack with some cookies and crackers. Thank goodness I saw Tala’s daughter and she pointed me to the exit.

I then got a huge hug from Arland and then all my girls, I was so happy, I just couldn’t believe I did it. But I did. We took some pictures and we all headed home. Annette told me the Cabot folks stayed around to watch me come in, I was in disbelief, for me? Wow, I am so lucky. Here are some pictures of me coming into the finish line and afterwards.

I put my stats, but not the mile by mile. I really think the run/walk let me be able to run almost the entire last 10 miles, I had enough energy to get through it, or not, who knows, I just know it’s done.

I just watched my self cross the finish line at http://www.fox16.com/content/marathon/default.aspx   If you select 5:39-5:45 time I’m right after the 5:41 time.

26.5 miles 5:36:15 Avg Pace 12:41 Calories 2320 Avg HR 154 Max 174






5 Responses

  1. AWESOME job, Cheryl!!!! You’re a marathoner! I cried when I read this part. It completely made me think of my first last year (LR). You did such a great job! And you look GREAT in the photos!

  2. You look great in your pictures, and your legs look even hotter in that green skirt!!!! Like everyone else who is so proud of you, I am too…..and in my mind (and should be yours too), you DID win the marathon, so smile and wave all you want!

  3. Congratulations!

    You do look great in your pictures, every running picture of me, I look near death.

    Well done, and great report.

  4. Way to go! I read your blog and laughed and even teared up at times. You look strong and determined in your pictures.

  5. Cheryl, I’m just catching up and you totally look awesome! Congrats on your marathon.

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