Running Clinic

Thursday night was hopefully the last of the cold nights, it was so windy and cold, I hated every second.  It was about 37 degrees with a 20 mph wind, hated it.  This was the first day I’ve done any running since the Marathon on Sunday, my hip/leg is still hurting so I took 2 Ibuprofen and an anti-inflammatory about an hour before I left the house, it helped, some.

I would say the turn out tonight was poor.  Probably 20 people compared to the 100 last week, hell I don’t blame them, it’s freaking freezing and the weather is supposed to turn bad.  So we didn’t have a leader for the advanced group, some chick in orange was in charge of the stop watch and our 2 person group.  We were doing 9 minute run 1 minute walk, fine with me, still recovering.  I’m not sure if this would have been okay if I wanted a real workout.  We did two lap warm ups and then 3 of the 9/1’s and then 1 lap cool down sort of an oxymoron since I never really got warm and then I was outta there, no time for chit chat, too cold.  I got in 2.75 miles, not counting the warm up or cool down laps.   Next week will be better.

2.74 miles    11:07 average pace

  1. 11:30
  2. 11:11
  3. 10:32

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