I’m boring

Yes, it’s true, without my marathon training, I’m boring.  Nothing going on. At all.  I’m going to get back to my three running clinics this week.  Women Can Run, Monday and Thursday night and Tuesday Night Flyers Clinic, that should give me some good workouts.  Good thing too, cause I’m a big fat pig.  I also found out the Little Rock Marathon Training group that I trained with ever Saturday for the Marathon will continue to have runs on Saturday mornings, this is very good news.  I now have 4 scheduled runs a week, woohoo.

I do need to train for something, hmmm, The Spring Fling 5K is coming up at the end of March in Cabot, ran it last year, 31:00, I’m definitely not a speed demon, but I may or may not be able to beat that time.  Bailey is wanting us to come with her to San Francisco in August for the San Francisco Marathon, that sounds interesting, free place to stay.  Kim is doing Chicago in October, that’s huge!!  Maybe I’ll plan on St. Jude’s Marathon in December, that was fun last year when we did the half.

Lots of races going on, everyone has gotten so fast, and here I am the turtle.  It’s difficult to explain how on one hand I want to run with other people and then on the other hand I’m scared to because I know they are much faster.  I don’t want to slow them down, but when I try to stay on pace I end up out of breath and taking walk breaks.  I would love to run fast, just don’t think I was built that way.  I can sprint, but not for any distance, just feel like my heart will explode, definitely hate that feeling, scary.  I think we will be doing speed work tonight at the WCR clinic, that will be something different, haven’t really done speed work in a while!  Lots of mediocre running is all I know!

The weather is warming up, 60 is the high today, this makes me happy.  Hope the warming trend continues.  I have no doubt the warm weather helped me in the marathon last week.


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  1. Cheryl you are not a fat pig.. as a matter of fact when I saw you yesterday I thought you looked even smaller!! Having a race to train for is a good way to keep motivated. I think several people are planning on running the full marathon in Memphis this year. I haven’t decided yet, first I have to see how Nashville and San Francisco turn out.

  2. I need a goal to keep me motivated. Otherwise I find all sorts of excuses to miss or cut a run short.

  3. Cheryl, you are not a turtle. It takes time to build up speed and marathon training is not speed training, but it does prepare you for it. I bet you will find you can run faster & longer now. Just have to start stretching them legs out! You are faster than what you think. Speed isn’t everything either and faster runners will run with slower ones.

    It is time to pick an event to train for, even if its a 5K. Thats what I love about the Grand Prix Series, I know I have 18 races to go and train for no matter what if I want to do them. You should do some of those, you might be surprised.

  4. I thought you were pretty impressive powering up those hills tonight! And we had a good pace going at the end of our clinic run. Looked down and my Garmin said 8:45, right before we got to the track.

  5. Set a new goal? A new race?

  6. I feel very, very boring now, too. And also like a big fat pig. I feel your pain, Cheryl!

    I do think you need to have something to train for, to keep you “centered.” At least that works for me!

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