Monday Hills

Monday and Thursday are the Women Can Run Clinics, I asked Kim if she wanted to meet at Lakewood and then run over to the clinic, I estimated it was about a 1 mile run.  We were going to meet at 5:30 and then I started second guessing myself and we decided to meet at 5:15, just in case.  Not needed.

Of course Kim had already run 3 miles when I arrived at Lakewood, I grabbed my jacket, it was cooler than I expected, and we headed toward the Old Mill.  My legs felt like lead, I hadn’t run since Thursday, my thigh/groin area is still bothering me even though I have rested and drugged up before I left the house.   Once we got onto Lakeview my leg started warming up, we had a couple of hills to climb to get to the school, it was 1.4 miles.  Not bad, but we were way too early so we made a loop around the school.  We then decided to use the bathroom, no luck, all doors locked.  Great.

We headed down to the track for our clinic workout, it’s a little disorganized, but getting better.  We are going off track tonight after we do a warm up lap, Kim and I ran around the track and we were just standing there getting stiff and decided to do another lap, waiting on the walkers.  We got around the second time just in time to head out.  I was still not sure what our goal was for the off track route.  We made a loop around the school and then headed into the neighborhood behind the school, lots of hills.  Melissa kept telling us she had tried to set a route with the least amount of hills.  Yeah, whatever.

If you’ve ever been on North Hills Boulevard in North Little Rock, then you know, hilly, that’s the kind of hills we were running, we did about a 4 mile out and back with a group of advanced and intermediate runners, some hills were not that bad and we were all running up them.  I walked about 10 steps up one of the last ones and then ran it.  It was a challenging route, concrete too, but nice, lots of expensive houses to look at.  We were in the Justin Mathews/Heritage Park area if that gives you an idea.

Once back at the track I stopped my Garmin and we did a cool down lap, marked our names off the sign in sheet and headed back to Lakewood.  I was really getting tired.  For some reason the arch of my foot started hurting (where I got the stupid shot).  Great.  Loving my old crappy body.  It’s always some pain, some where, wonder what it feels like to run pain free?  Anyway, we had a little bit of a downhill and then this huge uphill, Kim and I would banter back and forth about where to run to on the hill, to the bush, which bush, second bush, last bush, blue truck, end of the blue truck.  End of blue truck won out, we were both gasping for air by then.  We got to the top of the hill, crossed North Hills and were on our way.

I think we ran almost all the way to the Old Mill, maybe a few walk steps by her friend Donna’s house, where there is another hill.  We did walk up the Old Mill hill, another killer and then ran the rest of the way back.  I can’t tell you how many hills we ran, but we definitely got our hill workout in, but I don’t really think that was the plan for tonight.  Thank goodness we are not running hills tonight for the Flyers clinic.

I ended up with 7.25 miles, a lot for my recovery week, I really thought I might get between 5-6.  I feel pretty good today, foot a little sore along with the leg/groin.

7.25 miles    Avg pace  11:20    654 Calories    Avg HR    158    Max 182

  1. 11:17
  2. 12:45
  3. 11:22
  4. 10:46
  5. 11:04
  6. 10:57
  7. 11:21
  8. 10:26

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