Tuesday Night Running Clinic

I think it is finally spring, or close anyway, at least I’m not wearing gloves and multi layers of clothing to run, AND daylight savings time has returned! Yippee!! Now if I could win the lottery, which we don’t have in Arkansas, I’d be set!

Last night’s running clinic was interesting, I had planned on doing the intermediate workout which now I can’t even remember what it was, some sort of Lactate run, but ended up doing a Ladder workout with the new Kelly. She’s a young one, 28, and quite a bit faster than I am, so of course I push myself a bit, but the gimped up leg was giving me fits, I even resorted to taking 2 pain pills before I left the house, they were useless.

Before we started out on our warm-up run Coach Dennis gave us a little talk, love the talks, about goals and expectations, right brain left brain, also about how some of the runners have huge plans for the summer, I think that worries him some, just because he brought it up. He explained why some of the group was doing a mile timed trial and how that plays into their goals and expectations, there is a formula (which I can’t remember) to calculate your races from that timed mile and our people in the clinic are probably not doing that (expectations). I don’t know what my goals and expectations are at this point, I’m thinking of running the Spring Fling 5K at the end of the month, if I do, my goal would be to finish under what I did last year, my expectation is to finish without breaking anything 🙂 Enough of that poppycock!!

Kelly and I did a 1.5 mile warm-up at about 10:30 pace, should have been slower, like I said, she’s a little speedier than I am, but we stayed together for the warm up. Coach Dennis said to do the Ladder with a 1 minute run, 1 minute rest, 2 minute run, 1 minute rest, 3 minute run, 1 minute rest, the reverse it, at Lactate pace, well my Lactate pace is 10:26, I would imagine hers is much lower, so I told her if she felt like going a little faster to go ahead, but don’t sprint, comfortably hard, mediocre. It’s hard to explain to someone how hard to run… I’m no coach for sure.

One minute is nothing, we stayed together for the first 1 minute of the ladder, but as the minutes got longer she would stretch out in front of me, probably 20 feet or so, by the time we finished the Ladder we had 3.25 miles, pretty nice, 1.5 warm up and 1.75 during the Ladder, I would say we were moving pretty quick in 12 minutes run and 5 minutes walk time. We finished our ladder workout about the same time as the rest of the group was finishing up their timed mile we walked over and talked to Annette, she did hers in 8:20, she was very happy, that is an excellent time! I think everyone was very happy with their time, the original Kelly did like 8:14, her original timed mile was 9:22, holy cow! That is unbelievable, she has really improved. I don’t even want to think about doing one until my leg gets better, my last one was in October and it was 8:46, I’m perfectly fine with that!

We all chatted for a few minutes, everyone giddy about their miles and it started cooling off since the sun was going down and we started our cool down run back to our vehicles, still talking about what time everyone had, it was amazing to me, I think Brenda had a 7:05, she is about 4-5 years younger than me, I think Robert had a 7 something (my age) and Arland had 8:15 or close to that (my age again). I can only just grovel at their feet and hope I grow up to be like them some day 🙂

Here our my numbers from last night, I put the best pace after mile 2 and 3, because we did take minute walks in there.

3.82 miles Avg pace 10:34 346 Calories Avg HR 156 Max 172

  1. 10:33
  2. 10:31 Best 8:02
  3. 10:24 Best 8:24
  4. 10:53

2 Responses

  1. Speed demon Cheryl!!!

  2. I enjoy reading about you and your fellow runners’ workouts.

    Good luck identifying and achieving your goals

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