Speedy Thursday

Where to start, first let me back up to the Little Rock Marathon Expo, during my second trip to the Expo I visited Blackmon Chiropractic, they were doing some sort of back scan which gave immediate results, of course I jumped right in. Dr. Blackmon asked a few questions after my scan and told me he thought he could help with my shoulder blade and possibly leg/hip pain. They were doing an expo special, if you donated $20.00 to the Tornado Relief Fund he would do a complete work-up with x-rays, consultation whatever was needed, at a later date. So I’m in.

My first appointment was on Wednesday, I was skeptical of course, I filled out 4 pages of paperwork online prior to my appointment and didn’t have to wait long once I arrived. Dr. Blackmon asked me tons of questions about my shoulder and leg and general medical questions. He then took 4 x-rays and asked tons more questions plus lifted my leg while I was on my stomach and then on my back. He then sent me to some sort of electrical impulse therapy and a massage. I was pretty impressed, no charge to me whatsoever! But of course they wanted me to return the next day for results of the x-rays, etc. I’m a sucker and I do have insurance, so I made the appointment.

On Thursday I went back in and he had good news and bad news, the bad news first, I have a 14 degree curve to my lower back, 15 degrees means Scoliosis, which I sorta knew already. The x-rays looked bad, just sort of sickening, I know people have a lot worse, but seeing your own back curved like that….. More bad news, my hip bones, one is higher are twisted, could be the cause of the hip/leg pain. Good news, I don’t have arthritis, what they do is grade the spine in degeneration from 1 to 5, mine is less than 1, that’s excellent for someone my age. Bottom line is he thinks he can get the curve 4 or 5 degrees straighter, this will help me down the road and possibly now. So, I’m set up for some appointments. More to come.

Back to running, Thursday night Women Can Run Clinic – Kim sent an email and she couldn’t make it, she had a mid-term online and the window to take the test was 5-7pm, clinic is at 6pm. Bummer. So I contemplated going to Lakewood and running over to the clinic by myself, but didn’t, good thing, we ended up leaving clinic early because of lightning and thunderstorms.

We started the clinic with a 2 lap warm up, I walked about 1/4 of the lap and then did a slow jog. We had a speaker who was a Physical Therapist and was talking to everyone about the importance of stretching, so after our warm-up she went through several great stretches. Once again we had Chantal our substitute leader, tonight was speedwork, she asked us our timed mile times and then gave us our 400 meter time, mine was 1:35, I was thinking it sounded kind of fast, but really didn’t give it much thought. Melissa was timing us and we were off. I was running almost as hard as I could, at the end I could have pushed it a little harder, but not much, my time, 1:59. WHAT? There was no way I could have run at 1:35 or 1:45. Everyone, all 5 of us failed to meet our first 400 goal. Melissa is the director and asked Chantal if she used the chart she had sent her, no, she couldn’t find it so she used something else. Well, luckily Melissa had a copy, whew, my actual 400 time should have been 2:05, much better. The other girls felt much better too, smiles all around.

After the 400 it was time for a 200, a small problem, the track isn’t marked, but of course, it’s half the track, but no one could make a decision, so we guessed at the start and finish. Melissa timed us again. I was going for 52.4 seconds, when I got to Melissa she said 26, what? I was so confused, 26, what the heck is 26, I couldn’t have run 200 in 26 seconds, but she actually meant 46, she had told everyone twenty something. Wow, what a bunch of misfits we are. We did another 400 and I finished that one in 2:01. About that time it had really started lightning, I do no like the lightning at all. Melissa decided we better get out of there, so we all called it a day.

Didn’t end up with much mileage and I actually didn’t have my Garmin on for the 200, darn it.

1.68 miles Avg pace 10:11 Avg HR 146 Max 176

WOW – look at my first mile

1. 8:59 Best pace 5:45 (impossible!)

2. 12:00 included my walk back to my car 😦 but best pace was 9:18


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