Shopping and Running

First day of Spring was a great day. I met Kim at Lakewood Lake #3 at 12:30 and we headed to Little Rock to The Container Store, we were impressed. Remember, we live in Little Rock, we get excited easily. We bought a couple of things then headed across the street to Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn where I made an idiot of myself.

Okay, I don’t shop much for my house because I don’t know how to decorate, period. I have no clue, but I’ve been down in the dumps and I wanted to buy something, so while in Pottery Barn they had these nice pillows, spring colors, bright and cheery. I picked up a blue one, long instead of square, in the picture it’s beige on the right. Looked at the price tag, regular price 29.00 on sale for 18.00. What a deal, I should get two. So I called Stephanie, my daughter, to see what color I should get her, picked out a yellow one.
Went to check-out and for a Thursday afternoon they were pretty busy. When it was my turn I put the pillows on the counter and the girl, who Kim had already dropped a different pillow on top of her head in another part of the store, asked in a very pleasant voice “did you find everything okay? on the pillows, would you like the inserts?” My reply “inserts?” her “yes, you can buy just the pillow sleeve or buy it with the insert, the pillow is $29.00 and the insert is $18.00” me “oh, I feel really stupid” her “it’s very confusing”, me “no kidding” her ” let me check I think this one is on sale, oh yes, this one is $19, plus the insert” me “I think I’m just going to pass, I feel like an idiot”. This girl standing next to us checking out just kind of gave me this sad smile, it wasn’t that I couldn’t afford to pay for the stupid pillows, it’s just I already had in my mind what they were going to cost.  You know.  We walked out. OMG, I felt like such a ding dong. We laughed about it all afternoon.


We then went to Ann Taylor Loft, and then headed across the street to Dillard’s, it’s Clinque bonus time and I am a sucker.  I use Clinque, so why not get the bonus, I just bought the stuff I normally use and receive some samples in return.  We then had about 10 minutes before we needed to leave to go to my Chiro appt.  Kim needed to go to Bath and Body Works which was right next door, we zoomed through there where I almost killed myself in my stupid shoes.  My glasses fell off my head, the lens fell out, about twisted my ankle, we were quite the pair.

We made it to my appointment just a couple of minutes late.  Once I was finished with my appointment we had a little time to kill before our running clinic so we went to Pier 1, I bought a clothes hamper for $11.18, regular price $45.00, deal of the day, made up for the stupid pillows.  We realized at this point we hadn’t eaten anything, we wolfed down some peanut butter crackers and were on way back to Lakewood to change clothes.

When we pulled into Lakewood they were having an Easter Egg Hunt or something, lots of colored eggs, but not a lot of eggs, weird.  There were also people on the lake in kayaks, first time I’ve seen that!  We changed clothes and we walked once around the lake then started our run to the school.

Kim was wanting 9 miles for today, she was going to be lucky to get it today, but when we got to the school we were a little early so she continued to run around the track.  We also made a run for the bathroom where I tried to break in the stall which was occupied by some lady who didn’t wash her hands when she left.  Nasty.

We finally got started and tonight was another off track run because Diane left it up to us and since I said, I don’t care, Kim piped in and wanted to do some more hills and loop around the neighborhood again.  We did some very good hills and once we FINALLY got back to Lakewood she had 8 miles, I had 6.82.  So all in all in was a very nice start to the first day of Spring.  My spirits were lifted by just being outside instead of cooped up in this house all the time.  It was great.

6.82 miles   Avg pace 11:16   Avg HR 160   Max183   616 Calories

  1. 11:15
  2. 10:54
  3. 10:53
  4. 11:37
  5. 11:39
  6. 11:17
  7. 11:20

2 Responses

  1. Cheryl, you need your own TV show!!!

  2. I did the same thing at Pottery Barn last year. When the cashier told me that the inserts were a different price, I told her that was crazy!

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