Roller Coaster Run

Saturday Kim and I met with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group for their Spring maintenance run. This week it was the torturous Rahling Road route. We were doing 10 miles, but ended up with 11 because of an errant runner.

They always start their runs at 6am, early I know, but you get it done with plenty of time for anything else you need to get done. When we arrived there were only a few cars, but it didn’t take long and the parking lot was filling up. We got out to warm up, but in the usual running fashion, it was WINDY!! We were both cold and shivering so we decided to go back to the car for headbands and gloves, they felt so good when we put them on. Promptly at 6:00 Tom Singleton announces “Good Morning Crackheads” not that we are on crack, but I guess because we are up with the crack of dawn, it’s pretty funny when it says it.

All the runners take off in different directions depending on the mileage they are doing. Kim and I are in a group of about 7. It doesn’t take long for us to hit our first hill and we power right up it. Here is a brief summary of the route in case you are from the area.

Rahling Rd-Pebble Beach-Hinson-Greenbrier-Valley Club Circle-Pebble Beach-Hinson-Rahling

We fly down the huge Rahling Road hill and then turn on Pebble Beach where there is a huge up hill, I can only run about half way and have to walk, so does Kim. My heart is pounding and I’m breathing like Darth Vader, oh well, there are plenty of other hills. We ran some, I walked some. Kim ran most of them. As I like to say “I’m not feeling it” and I wasn’t feeling it for those hills at all.

When we were on the backside of Valley Club Circle a lady we had passed and she eventually had passed us, I called her the blue lady because of her robins egg blue top, was running back towards us. She stopped and asked if she was going in the right direction, she wasn’t from the area and we had all lost sight of any other runners, we were also in strictly a residential area and it was still very early in the morning. I had run this route before and it is a little confusing because Valley Club Circle is huge, so I told her it was only a couple of more hills and then she would turn on Pebble Beach, she took that literally. She took off.

Kim and I took our time, we lost sight of the blue lady because of the hills and left turn on Valley Club Circle. When we got to Pebble Beach the street sign was missing. Oh no, I thought out loud, the blue lady would have missed this completely. We looked ahead on Valley Club and there she was, we started screaming “Hey” “Lady” “Hey” and of course she had an iPod we both noticed earlier, so she couldn’t hear us. So we wondered for a few seconds what to do, so we took off after her. Sprinting and screaming “Hey Lady”, of course part of it was up hill too, my heart rate monitor was in alarm mode because I was at Max HR of 182, so I slowed a bit and Kim went on, I was still screaming. The blue lady finally heard or saw us! She was so thankful we came after her, she did say she had her iPod up pretty loud and she should probably only run with one ear-bud in, duh! I’m glad we chased her down, she would have been fine, the street would have taken her back the way she came, but still….

So that added almost an extra mile to our route, but we did our good deed for the day and she said she would pay it forward. Once we got back to Pebble Beach we had a flat route for a little bit, Thank Goodness! Then we hit Rahling again, ARGH!! I told Kim that once we hit the BIG hill I was going to run one light pole, walk one, she said okay, but she was going to try and run the whole thing, I was thinking WOW! We have run a ton of hills already that’s going to be tough, but she did it, she ran the entire Rahling Road hill. I kept her in my sights and she kept it steady the whole way, I was thoroughly impressed. She will have no problem with the Nashville Marathon.

Once we got back to the car we stretched and headed to Starbucks where they messed up her Mocha Light Frappuccino, first by making her wait about 5 minutes and then by not putting a shot in it and then it was messy, they did end up giving her a card for a free one later. We then headed to Academy Sports where she FINALLY bought a new pair of shoes, she really, really needed them.

I got home made a sandwich and then decided to go to Target and Stein Mart, looking for Easter stuff for Stephanie. Got a couple of cute things at Stein Mart, at Target I bought Stephanie a Memorex 20 inch flat screen TV for 149.99. I called her and told her the Easter Bunny had something for her and she happened to be off for the day, but was out eating lunch. She also said she wanted to work in her yard. I told her to give me a buzz when she got home. I ending up at her house for 4 hours working in her yard, it looks so much better. When I was on my way home I had gotten a voicemail from Kim saying they were getting a new TV and wanted to know if Stephanie was interested in their 19″….Figures.

Stats are pretty pitiful, but the hills took a toll –

10.7 miles Avg pace 11:58 Calories 950 Avg HR 160 Max 182

  1. 10:58
  2. 11:22
  3. 11:22
  4. 12:24
  5. 12:32
  6. 12:39
  7. 11:53
  8. 11:55
  9. 12:13
  10. 12:00
  11. 12:31

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  1. I think just knowing that once we made it up Rahling hill, our run would be just about down kept me running up the entire thing!!! Overall though, I enjoyed our run/adventures and hope you’ll do it again w/me (not too soon, but sometime!!). However, I think one of us needs to learn how to whistle 🙂

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