Another night of speed work

Well, not really. I didn’t do the speed work, my leg was freaking killing me, I was almost in tears at times. I did time Annette and Kelly number 2 for a couple of their 200s and 400s, that was fun. I got in a few miles despite my pain, woohoo. I don’t want to go back to the doctor, but I guess I will have to. I’ll make an appointment soon.

Today I had a job interview, it went much better than I expected. It’s with a regular staffing company instead of a medical staffing company. Sounds very interesting and I would consider taking the job if the offer was made. The only drawback is there is not a benefits “package”, no 401(K), no insurance, but they do reimburse half the cost of insurance, they do have generous paid vacations and personal time off as well as the regular holidays. They also have a bonus and incentive plan that is very lucrative. So, we shall see.

3.34 miles avg pace 11:21

  1. 10:58
  2. 12:12
  3. 10:31
  4. 11:12

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for timing us Cheryl!!!! I just hate that your leg won’t get better! You really should go back to a specialist.
    The job you described sounds interesting… did they mention travel?????
    Good luck tonight!

  2. Job prospect sounds good—you’ll have to let us know if you hear back from them! But, look on the bright side—at least you still have a job (and an income to feed that running habit).

  3. I say FINISH IT if it is making you miserable. Life is short.

    No 401K???? Ick. Yuck.

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