Ready to come home

Getting away to Boca for a few days has done me some good, but I’m ready to go home even though I have to be in St. Louis for the next 3 weeks, not counting weekends, I miss my kitty George and I’m certain he misses me.  The training has been going well, I did my running plan almost as planned, I ran Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, I got in 45 minutes on Wednesday, 30 minutes on Tuesday and 35 minutes today.  I’m pretty happy with that, but I’m still having problems breathing, I think it’s my extra 5 pounds and eating as much as I have this week didn’t help.

All of my running buddies back in Arkansas have abandoned me and are headed to Nashville for the marathon.  They will all do great and I’m so excited for all of them, I was hoping I could be there to cheer them in, but it just didn’t work out.  I hope they all know I’ll be cheering them on and thinking about them.

On Saturday I’ll be running by my lonesome, probably best since I’ll need to go extremely slow with my breathing problems, just feels like I can’t catch my breath so I have to slow down quite a bit and I’m already a slow poke.  I think I’ll just do what I can and try and not to worry about my speed, but if you run at all you know how hard that is to do.

I’ve got to go pack my suitcase, here’s a question for you, why does it seem like you have more stuff to put back in your suitcase than you took out?

See you soon.


A Little Running in Boca

Made it to Boca Raton, FL yesterday afternoon and immediately headed to the huge Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall, I’ve been there before a couple of times and there are some nice shops, but I was not in the mood to shop much.  I bought a few things at Banana Republic and then headed to Boca, I was starving.

I knew exactly where my dinner would be coming from, always Boneheads, it’s right across the street from the hotel and I love it, it’s sort of an upscale fresh fast food restaurant, I personally don’t call it fast food, but I’ve heard it called that.  I can eat there every day and get something different that is mostly good for me and it is very tasty, I wish there was one in Arkansas.  I had peel n’ eat shrimp and a side Greek Salad, perfect for dinner.

The training I am attending this week doesn’t start until 9am so this gives me time to run in the mornings before the training starts.  I decided to get up at 5:45 and do my stretches, push ups and crunches and then start running at 6:15, that didn’t happen exactly, I didn’t start running until 6:30, which only left me 30 minutes to run, I know what you’re thinking, that leaves 2 hours for me to shower, get ready and go to the meeting, well yes, except I wanted to eat breakfast and be at the meeting by 8:30.

I did run for 30 minutes, the weather was perfect, very low humidity, nice breeze, probably 70 degrees, maybe a little cooler.  Thank goodness the sun was up, or close enough, I could see where I was going, nothing much to see out here, just lots of cars and buildings.  My run was decent, at least I wasn’t struggling to breath like I was over the weekend.  Tomorrow 45 minutes for sure, not going to the meeting early, that’s the plan for now.

The training went well after a slow start with IT trying to get all the computers up and online.  I have made a new friend at my company, he transferred to my department a couple of months ago from accounting, we get along great and I’m thankful he was there today.  He’s my daughters age, but I try not to think of him as young enough to be my child.

After the training was over I asked if he wanted to go to Boneheads with me, I think Faith (our boss) overheard us talking and said something about us all going out to eat tomorrow night with the instructor.  Joy Joy.  The problem is two fold, Eric had made reservations for us to eat at this really neat place Seasons 52 tomorrow night, second problem she wants to eat at the hotel, this was not in our plans at all.  So, Eric called the restaurant to see if we could get in tonight, but they were booked, but did have booth seating at the bar that was first come first serve and at the moment they had plenty of seating, we headed over, what could it hurt?

What a great decision, I was totally impressed.  Seasons 52 (seasonally inspired 52 weeks a year) does not fry any foods, all natural, normal sized portions, they don’t use any butter and I thought it was reasonably priced.  Eric said they are always booked, and now I know why.  I had the Season special Blackened Mahi Mahi with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Green Vegetable Trio, oh and all meals on their seasonally inspired menu, less than 475 calories.   Every bite was just perfect, not too spicy on the fish, the potatoes, yummy, the green veggies were green beans, asparagus and broccoli.  I was so glad Eric picked this place, my meal was 18.95, Eric got the Cedar plank Salmon and his was 17.95.  I’ll definitely be back, hopefully this restaurant will open in other areas of the country.

I have a bunch of friends heading to Nashville this week for the Rock N Roll Marathon, I hope they all have a great run and a great time in Nashville.  I think Brenda will qualify for Boston, even if she doesn’t think so.  I think Kim and Annette are both going to do great, I just wish they were meeting up or something in Nashville, as far as I know they are not, but originally when they decided to run Nashville, they did so together.  Oh well, maybe they will see each other at the finish line and cheer each other on.  Regardless, I will be thinking about them both.  I think Kelly and Cindy will do great too, they are both great runners!  And not to leave the boys out.  Arland has become super runner and so has Kelly’s husband Robert.  I can’t wait to hear all the race reports.  Good luck to everyone in Nashville!

There are good runs and….

there are bad runs like yesterday, it was not a good day for me. I felt good prior to running, no pain, period, but neither one of my runs was worth two cents yesterday.

Kim picked me up at Academy Sports around 5:35am and we headed to the start of the River Trail in North Little Rock where the Little Rock Marathon Training group was meeting for this weeks 6:00am run. It felt like it was still winter, if not for the wind it would have been much better, I think the temperature was in the 40’s, but with the wind it felt so much colder, I was shivering before we even started running. I’m really sick of the wind, the wind’s not bad if it’s warm outside, but it definitely wasn’t warm yesterday morning.

After the traditional “Good Morning Crackheads” from our Leader Tom and general announcements, one being that part of the trail was underwater due to all the flooding, we were off, Kim and I were doing 6 miles, and we had another 5K this week at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church.

Right before we started running I knew I was going to have to make a bathroom stop and luckily there is a bathroom not even a quarter of a mile from the start, when we started running we were running straight into the wind and we were running pretty fast for us, but it didn’t take long for the speedy people to pass us up. I made my bathroom stop and Kim had an extra shirt tied around her waist that she put on and we were off again.

This is where I knew it was not going to be a good day, Kim would ask me questions about different things and all I could say was one word answers. My breathing was very labored, it felt like my chest was in a vise grip, I thought to myself that I just needed to slow my pace and I tried that, but it just didn’t get better, I had to take lots of quick walk breaks just to catch my breath.

I hadn’t run much during the week and Kim thought it might be that, but I didn’t think so, because when I travel I don’t get to run much and I don’t ever feel like I did yesterday, it was just miserable and very frustrating because my legs felt good for once, my legs wanted to go fast, but my lungs said NO. Maybe it was all the pollen in the air, or something like that, I might try to run this afternoon and see if its better. It’s been a long time since I’ve run without ANY problems; I wouldn’t know how it feels.

Once we finished up our run, I was relieved, I told Kim I was thinking about not running the 5K, I had run the same race last year and really didn’t want to do worse than last year even though I couldn’t remember my exact time. On the ride over to the church I started feeling better and decided to give it a try, big mistake.

Another bad run. This race is the Miles for Missions 5K and each year the charity is different, this year all the money goes to help open the church’s free clinic, but this year the organization seemed a little off and the crowd was smaller. When I opened my packet my bib number was missing along with safety pins, Kim’s door prize ticket was missing, well it wasn’t that bad, we were just grouchy from the cold wind we had been running in all morning.

Dianne our leader from the Women Can Run Clinic was there too, we like running with her, she’s a lot of fun, there was another Diane we didn’t know that was from the Hot Legs Running Club that hung around with us until the race started. Promptly at 8:00am when the church bells tolled, we where off, it’s not a bad course, part of it is hilly around mile 2, but for the most part pretty flat, the course is in the Hillcrest area of Little Rock, pretty affluent area, so nice houses and yards to distract you. It didn’t do me any good, I kept telling myself, you can do it, one foot in front of the other, and then I would think of that Jordan Sparks song “No Air” cause that was what it felt like.

At mile 1 they called my time at 9:39, I was happy, but my chest was really killing me, I just couldn’t breath good, not long after that I started walking some, so most of mile 2 is turns and hills, I walked and ran mile 2, there is one water stop and they handed us a bottle of water, this was a first, but it was a nice squeeze bottle, Mountain Valley Water. I really needed the water too and was happy to have the whole bottle.

On the way back up Kavanaugh, which was part of the Little Rock Marathon course I even tried to trick myself into thinking I was back on marathon day and I was going to see my family right around the corner, let me tell you, nothing was working! I thought that 3.1 miles would never end, but of course it did and I actually passed two women who were my “rabbits”. My time, horrible 32:02. Last year’s time 31:38. So that was a real bummer, worse than last year, I knew I shouldn’t have run that stupid race.

Kim ended up with 1st place in her age group, both Dianne’s got medals in there age groups, of course I was not in the running. Congrats to all three of them though!

Here are the stats for the day –

River Trail 5.68 miles Avg pace 10:37 517 Calories Avg HR 162 Max 178 (part of my problem)
1. 10:23
2. 10:45
3. 10:49
4. 10:44
5. 10:00
6. 11:16
Miles for Mission 5K 3.13 miles 10:21 avg pace Avg HR 173 Max HR 183
1. 9:44
2. 11:00
3. 10:18

Speed Demon Wanna Be

I wish I was speedy, I mean really speedy, but alas, I’m not.  I can however beat some young ‘uns on a 200 meter sprint, once, but just once and then I’m pretty much done.  Even barely beating some young chicks is no great feat when you are still running slow.  I want to be FAST, like, oh I don’t know around 7:00 minute miles would be just OMG fast to me, or while I’m wishing why not go for 6:30 or 6:00 minute miles, wouldn’t that be just grand?

Where do all these dreams of speed come from you ask?  They come from our speed work at the Women Can Run Clinic yesterday.  I met Kim at beautiful Lakewood Lake #3 for our customary run to the Clinic.  We both kind of knew we would probably be doing speed work, the past few times we have just run the hills in the neighborhood, we were due and Dianne did not disappoint.  First she suggests we run something unthinkable like all 400’s, I hate the 400s, so after discussion we decided to start off with a couple of 200s to get us warmed up for the dreaded 400s.

It was me, Kim, Dianne, Alice and Cassandra at our start point (the light pole) and off we went, it was Cassandra who shot out like a bullet, and then me, I had the inside lane (no dummy here), but I kept my second place spot all the way around, it actually felt okay, Cassandra went out so fast there was no way I could have caught her, it was like she was an actual sprinter!  But, I was very happy with my finish, even though I was about to croak, we did a cool down lap around and then we were off again, pretty much a repeat of our first one.  Thank goodness my leg is feeling better or there would have been a different outcome, we were finishing at about 50 seconds, pretty much repetition pace for me.

When it was time for the 400’s, yuck, I knew it would be a different story, and to tell you the truth, I can’t remember where I finished, it wasn’t first or second, but we all finished within seconds of one another.  The 400s are so much tougher, I try to slow down in the beginning and then pick it up in the last curve and I did that on the first 400, but the last 400, not so much.  We did one more 200 and I was done, I knew that I would be doing speedwork at Tuesday Night Clinic too.

It was a sad night for me, the last time I will see everyone before the 5K on May 10th, I’ll be traveling for the next 4 weeks, hopefully I can keep my running in check.  Kim and I headed back to Lakewood, I would guess we walked about half of it.  I don’t know about Kim, but my legs were a little wobbly.  The only reason I wanted to run at all on the way back is because it was freaking cold!!  Damned Wind!! I usually overdress for running, but last night I was chilly the whole night, I don’t think I ever broke a sweat, even doing the speedwork.  Where is spring?  Aren’t we in the middle of global warming?  I think winter has been here for about 8 months!  I’ll get a dose of warmth next week in Florida.

Okay I have to share these stats, and I know the Garmin is not the most reliable piece of equipment, but I love the feature it has to show you your best pace, at least it makes me feel faster!

3.40 MIles          Avg Pace 10:24        Calories  300      Avg HR 147   Max HR 180

  1. 11:47     best 9:07
  2. 9:50       best 5:56 loving that!!
  3. 9:06       best 6:32 ditto
  4. 11:37     best 9:19

Springtime Running

It’s nice to be back home and back in my normal routine for a couple of weeks. I met Kim at our favorite Lakewood Lake #3 around 5:30 so we could run over to the Women Can Run Clinic. I can’t believe we are already talking about the 5K on May 10th to close out the clinic! I haven’t seen any of my running buddies in what seems like forever, it was nice to see a friendly face! We took our time running over to the clinic and we were almost mowed down by a driver who wasn’t paying a bit of attention on North Hills Blvd.

Once we arrived at the clinic I HAD to go to the bathroom or there would be no more running for me. I thought I saw someone come out of the school so we headed that way, what the hell? the doors were locked. Luckily we knew where there might be an unlocked door to the gym and it was, thank goodness. I always feel like a trespasser when we are in the school, it’s very quiet and really sort of creepy. We went to the restroom and got back to the track just in time.

Kim and I were the only 2 in the advanced group so Diane asked what we wanted to do, well nothing, can we just walk around and look at all the springtime flowers? No, that wasn’t happening, but we did just do a neighborhood hill run onto North Hills and then McCain, everyone was outside working in their yards, lots of spring flowers and bushes, all of a sudden everything has turned green. I’m loving the warm weather, sweat? doesn’t bother me a bit, I’m just happy I’m not bundled in umpteen layers of clothes, headbands, gloves and kleenex or snotty sleeves when I didn’t have any kleenex! It was a nice relaxed run, I tried to run most of the hills, I think Kim did run all of them, she is so ready for Nashville!

We ran most of the way back to Lakewood, we walked once we got to the Old Mill, it was nice just to watch ALL the people and pets who were out enjoying the weather. I ended up with 5.62 miles at a pretty slow average pace. Not even going to post it.

This morning was my appointment about my leg, diagnosis – Adductor Strain – Loved my new doc, he says 3 weeks of PT, but I’ll be back in Boca in 2 weeks, so I’ll have to do some on my own and I need to find a PT over in my neck of the woods, it’s too far to drive back and forth to Little Rock. I’ve done a little research on this adductor strain, possible I guess, but I’m still not 100% convinced this is what’s causing my leg pain, but I’m hoping this will take care of it. He did prescribe a new Anti-inflammatory so I’ll start taking it today, that should help too. He said my hip joint looked great and no signes of a stress fracture, so good news in that aspect.

Couple of races I’ve signed up for, Catholic High Rocket 5K on Saturday April 12th, yes this Saturday, Kim and I ran it last year and we are doing a repeat. This is nothing but hills and I was very, very slow last year, I’m just hoping to beat my time from last year, it really depends on my leg, if it’s acting better, I think I can definitely come in under 34 minutes, yes I know I’m slow. I’ll get an elevation map of this course and then you can quit laughing. It was a fun race (when it was over) lots of door prizes, lots of crowd support and just all around nice people, the race benefits the school which is an all boys private school.

The other race is the San Francisco Marathon, yes Marathon, on August 3, 2008. Bailey, if she still can remember what I look like since its been forever since I’ve seen her, graciously invited us to stay with her, actually her mom’s, so it’s a go, and it should really be fun training in the heat and humidity that is Arkansas this summer. This trip is going to be a blast, I’m hoping we are staying over an extra few days to see the sights, well I for sure am planning on staying extra and Annette I know wanted to as well.

There are a few more in the trenches, but I don’t want to put them on “paper” yet, just a thing, if you know what I mean.

Catholic High 5K Elevation

Elevation for the 5K on Saturday


Well Florda was nice and warm, in the 80s, but I was anxious to get home. When I’m in my hotel room I always get ready in the mornings with the news on, and on Friday morning they were talking about all the severe weather/tornadoes that happened in Central Arkansas, they showed a couple of shots on the local news of some small airplanes, but I thought they were talking about the Little Rock Airport. When I finally got in touch with Glenn he said no, it was the North Little Rock Airport which is right down the street from our house. He also said he saw the funnel cloud right over our house, no tail, but the way he described the events were pretty scary. I was glad I wasn’t home.

So from all the info I gathered there was extensive damage to the North Little Rock Airport which in that area there is also the National Weather Service, part of Pulaski Tech College Aviation Program and a lot of other large warehouse like buildings, lots of hangers for private airplanes too. The tornado also destroyed the ballparks at the Sylvan Hills High School, this is where we ran last year for the Women Can Run Clinic. That’s all the information I had on Friday before heading to Little Rock.

I left the office at noon to head to Ft. Lauderdale for my 2:00 pm flight on Delta, I hate the terminal for Delta, it stinks, it’s small, it’s just nasty. I turned in my rental car and since I only ran once for the week I decided to walk to terminal 2 instead of taking the shuttle bus. Wow, did I get some cardio in. There were tons of people when I got there and I thought, oh crap, should have taken the bus, but no, flight was delayed of course. That’s okay, I had a huge layover in Atlanta. New departure time was 2:50 pm.

Oh, forgot this part, left my phone charger at the office so I had to call and have them ship it to me, such an idiot. I only had about 3 bars left as it was, so I was pretty bored in the nasty Delta terminal. I did eat a huge Oatmeal Raisin Cookie which made me depressed after I ate it. Finally boarded and found out they were having some “weather” in Atlanta, oh boy. My departure out of Atlanta to Little Rock was scheduled at 6:37 when we got there it had chaged to 8:08. At least I wasn’t in that nasty Ft. Lauderdale airport anymore. I walked around a lot, went to Chili’s and ate dinner, shopped in every store and still had time to kill. When we finally started boarding around 8:00 it started lightning again, so I knew that would hold us up and it did. We sat at the gate for I don’t know how long. Once we started backing away from the gate I fell asleep. Woke up when they were serving drinks, we landed about 10:15 in Little Rock, it was a very long day.

Finally off the plane and still anxious to see if there was going to be limbs and debris everywhere in my yard, but of course I had to wait on my luggage, holy crap, they must have one guy working in Little Rock, it took about 20 minutes to get our luggage and joy, joy, mine was wet. Last time my luggage was wet it ruined a pair of Banana Republic Pants and blouse because a pair of black pants bled on them both. Grabbed my bags and headed to the parking deck, went outside and over to car rental where the elevator is located, I kept pushing the up button and nothing was happening, the light wasn’t coming on and I didn’t hear anything. It was also late and no one was around, I just stood there with with three bags, tired, grouchy and stabbing at this stupid up button that obviously wasn’t doing anything. Finally this janitor guy came around the corner and I asked him if they were broke, of course he didn’t know, but he radioed someone and they didn’t know, he mumbles something about them being turned off, WTF? These two ladies are coming dragging their suitcases and I tell them “elevators not working”, they are not happy either. We are all parked on the third floor. The guy finally tells us, “they had to call someone, you’ll either have to go up the ramp or the fire stairs. Oh shit, so I tell the girls, NO, let’s go back in the airport, up the escalator one floor and then we walk up the ramp one floor and that’s what we did.

I think I got home about 11:15, I don’t even know because all the clocks in the house were still flashing from the storms.  I immediately took my suitcase in the bathroom and started pulling out clothes and a lot of them were wet and some are ruined, I retrieved the camera and started taking pictures. The new pants I bought at BR were a little wet, but no damage. All the tops I bought Stephanie at the Gap were just damp, no damage. BUT, my clothes in the hang up bag, WET and ruined, silk peach blouse hanging on black pants, everything was just nasty. But I did send an email to Delta and I’m waiting to hear what can be done. Clothes are too expensive and since this is the second time I’m not just letting it be on my dime.

I finally got in bed around midnight set my alarm for 4:30, I planned to get up and run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group, but I couldn’t sleep, slept some but not good, woke at 4 and fell back asleep right before the alarm went off. Well, I turned it off and went back to sleep until about 6:15, I felt guilty for not getting up, but I was so tired.

Started in on the house, but it’s hopeless, we are clutter bugs, shit is everywhere and no place to put it. I need an intervention. Got through the mail, set all the clocks, started washing clothes, finished unpacking, just general get shit back in order. Knew I needed to get a run in since I had not run much all week, that was definitely on my mind, who, where, when. Kim is at drill and Annette was running a race. Caught up on the Biggest Loser, but have lots more I recorded that I need to catch up on. Caught up on all the blogs I read.

Got my iPod shuffle out and did something I’ve never done before, I downloaded some podcasts, they are free!! So, I changed clothes, go my shuffle and headed to Lakewood for what I hoped would be a decent run and it was okay. I ran by myself, well not counting my shuffle and thank goodness for the podcast, it really helped, I tuned out some, but for the most part, listened, it was like having someone there talking to me. Ran about 4.7 miles at about 10:45 pace, okay, but not great, leg still hurts, doctor appointment on Tuesday.

That’s it, oh forgot to mention, not many limbs in the yard, but WET, oh my, it squishes when you walk, I don’t think my yard has ever been this wet, we must have gotten a ton of rain with the storm on Thursday night. My back deck looks horrible some squirrel or something got up there and turned over the thistle seed and it’s everywhere. I need to scalp my yard today, but I can’t, still way too wet, maybe on Wednesday afternoon. I’ll be home for two weeks then back to Boca on April 21st. I may have to be in St. Louis for 3 weeks in May, that will suck, but it’s only an hour flight from Little Rock, still I’ll get our of my routine. Hope this hasn’t been too boring!

Florida Warmth

It’s very warm here, which I love, highs in the 80s, lows in the 70s, what more can a girl ask for?  When I arrived yesterday afternoon I headed straight for Sawgrass Mills, it’s a huge outlet mall in Sunrise, FL.  I had a plan and stuck to it.  I went to the Coach store, where there were several purses I really wanted, but decided against.  Then I headed to Banana Republic, tried on a bunch and left with 3 pairs of pants, $63.00 before my 10.00 off coupon.  That’s less than the price of one pair of pants.  My next stop was Gap, I didn’t plan to go in there, but what the hell.  All the stores were having HUGE sales.  In the Gap all Sale merchandise was an additional 40% off, I bought a stack of tops and spent $23.00, most of the tops were for Stephanie.  I headed to the Nike Store where I was sorely disappointed, I wanted running clothes, bought none, I did get a hat, but that’s about it.

I was hungry and headed to my favorite place to eat in Boca, Boneheads, I love that place.  I can eat there everyday and probably will, I got some peel n eat shrimp and a greek salad for dinner, yummy.  Checked in, unpacked, got into my pj’s and tried to watch Dancing with the Stars, I just don’t love the show.  Poor Priscilla Presley, I don’t even know what to say about her, she has obviously had some work done, but the problem is, you can tell it.  I think my favorite is Shannon Elizabeth.  Who knows if I’ll watch it again, but there was nothing else on.  Then I watched the Bachelor, wow, he’s a cutie, but they always think below the belt instead of their brain.  He should’ve ditched Shayne, but no, he’s mesmerized, cute idiot.

I ran 3 miles on the treadmill tonight, my plan was to run on A1A, there is a paved running trail that runs from Spanish River to Palmetto, but when I left work the thunder clouds were a little too close.  I was really disappointed to have to run on the stupid dreadmill, but at least I did run.  I then headed over to Boneheads for Grouper with a side of grilled zucchini, yummy again.  I wish I had a big ole chocolate chip cookie, this being off the “crack” is killing me.  You know I mean sweets don’t you?

Stephanie is still struggling with the abscess that developed on her inside thigh, she went to the hospital yesterday and they cut it open and packed it, now she has to remove the gauze and repack it twice a day, gross.  She couldn’t do it today and I think she is having Glenn do it.  He loves that gross shit. 

Okay, that’s all the exciting news I have, I know, you can hardly wait until the next post.