Florida Warmth

It’s very warm here, which I love, highs in the 80s, lows in the 70s, what more can a girl ask for?  When I arrived yesterday afternoon I headed straight for Sawgrass Mills, it’s a huge outlet mall in Sunrise, FL.  I had a plan and stuck to it.  I went to the Coach store, where there were several purses I really wanted, but decided against.  Then I headed to Banana Republic, tried on a bunch and left with 3 pairs of pants, $63.00 before my 10.00 off coupon.  That’s less than the price of one pair of pants.  My next stop was Gap, I didn’t plan to go in there, but what the hell.  All the stores were having HUGE sales.  In the Gap all Sale merchandise was an additional 40% off, I bought a stack of tops and spent $23.00, most of the tops were for Stephanie.  I headed to the Nike Store where I was sorely disappointed, I wanted running clothes, bought none, I did get a hat, but that’s about it.

I was hungry and headed to my favorite place to eat in Boca, Boneheads, I love that place.  I can eat there everyday and probably will, I got some peel n eat shrimp and a greek salad for dinner, yummy.  Checked in, unpacked, got into my pj’s and tried to watch Dancing with the Stars, I just don’t love the show.  Poor Priscilla Presley, I don’t even know what to say about her, she has obviously had some work done, but the problem is, you can tell it.  I think my favorite is Shannon Elizabeth.  Who knows if I’ll watch it again, but there was nothing else on.  Then I watched the Bachelor, wow, he’s a cutie, but they always think below the belt instead of their brain.  He should’ve ditched Shayne, but no, he’s mesmerized, cute idiot.

I ran 3 miles on the treadmill tonight, my plan was to run on A1A, there is a paved running trail that runs from Spanish River to Palmetto, but when I left work the thunder clouds were a little too close.  I was really disappointed to have to run on the stupid dreadmill, but at least I did run.  I then headed over to Boneheads for Grouper with a side of grilled zucchini, yummy again.  I wish I had a big ole chocolate chip cookie, this being off the “crack” is killing me.  You know I mean sweets don’t you?

Stephanie is still struggling with the abscess that developed on her inside thigh, she went to the hospital yesterday and they cut it open and packed it, now she has to remove the gauze and repack it twice a day, gross.  She couldn’t do it today and I think she is having Glenn do it.  He loves that gross shit. 

Okay, that’s all the exciting news I have, I know, you can hardly wait until the next post.


2 Responses

  1. If Stephanie needs help, I can stomach that gross stuff too!!! After all, I’m the one going to school to be an Embalmer!!! 🙂
    Your weather sounds wonderful, can you please bring some home!! I think we’re in for chances of rain eveyday for the next week (?). Hope it warms up here, don’t want you to be too cold for our runs when you return.

  2. Shopping in Florida … I am very jealous!

    Priscilla scares me … she was a really attractive women, why she did all that to herself I have no idea.

    I am loving the bachelor and agree he should of got rid of Shayne.

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