Well Florda was nice and warm, in the 80s, but I was anxious to get home. When I’m in my hotel room I always get ready in the mornings with the news on, and on Friday morning they were talking about all the severe weather/tornadoes that happened in Central Arkansas, they showed a couple of shots on the local news of some small airplanes, but I thought they were talking about the Little Rock Airport. When I finally got in touch with Glenn he said no, it was the North Little Rock Airport which is right down the street from our house. He also said he saw the funnel cloud right over our house, no tail, but the way he described the events were pretty scary. I was glad I wasn’t home.

So from all the info I gathered there was extensive damage to the North Little Rock Airport which in that area there is also the National Weather Service, part of Pulaski Tech College Aviation Program and a lot of other large warehouse like buildings, lots of hangers for private airplanes too. The tornado also destroyed the ballparks at the Sylvan Hills High School, this is where we ran last year for the Women Can Run Clinic. That’s all the information I had on Friday before heading to Little Rock.

I left the office at noon to head to Ft. Lauderdale for my 2:00 pm flight on Delta, I hate the terminal for Delta, it stinks, it’s small, it’s just nasty. I turned in my rental car and since I only ran once for the week I decided to walk to terminal 2 instead of taking the shuttle bus. Wow, did I get some cardio in. There were tons of people when I got there and I thought, oh crap, should have taken the bus, but no, flight was delayed of course. That’s okay, I had a huge layover in Atlanta. New departure time was 2:50 pm.

Oh, forgot this part, left my phone charger at the office so I had to call and have them ship it to me, such an idiot. I only had about 3 bars left as it was, so I was pretty bored in the nasty Delta terminal. I did eat a huge Oatmeal Raisin Cookie which made me depressed after I ate it. Finally boarded and found out they were having some “weather” in Atlanta, oh boy. My departure out of Atlanta to Little Rock was scheduled at 6:37 when we got there it had chaged to 8:08. At least I wasn’t in that nasty Ft. Lauderdale airport anymore. I walked around a lot, went to Chili’s and ate dinner, shopped in every store and still had time to kill. When we finally started boarding around 8:00 it started lightning again, so I knew that would hold us up and it did. We sat at the gate for I don’t know how long. Once we started backing away from the gate I fell asleep. Woke up when they were serving drinks, we landed about 10:15 in Little Rock, it was a very long day.

Finally off the plane and still anxious to see if there was going to be limbs and debris everywhere in my yard, but of course I had to wait on my luggage, holy crap, they must have one guy working in Little Rock, it took about 20 minutes to get our luggage and joy, joy, mine was wet. Last time my luggage was wet it ruined a pair of Banana Republic Pants and blouse because a pair of black pants bled on them both. Grabbed my bags and headed to the parking deck, went outside and over to car rental where the elevator is located, I kept pushing the up button and nothing was happening, the light wasn’t coming on and I didn’t hear anything. It was also late and no one was around, I just stood there with with three bags, tired, grouchy and stabbing at this stupid up button that obviously wasn’t doing anything. Finally this janitor guy came around the corner and I asked him if they were broke, of course he didn’t know, but he radioed someone and they didn’t know, he mumbles something about them being turned off, WTF? These two ladies are coming dragging their suitcases and I tell them “elevators not working”, they are not happy either. We are all parked on the third floor. The guy finally tells us, “they had to call someone, you’ll either have to go up the ramp or the fire stairs. Oh shit, so I tell the girls, NO, let’s go back in the airport, up the escalator one floor and then we walk up the ramp one floor and that’s what we did.

I think I got home about 11:15, I don’t even know because all the clocks in the house were still flashing from the storms.  I immediately took my suitcase in the bathroom and started pulling out clothes and a lot of them were wet and some are ruined, I retrieved the camera and started taking pictures. The new pants I bought at BR were a little wet, but no damage. All the tops I bought Stephanie at the Gap were just damp, no damage. BUT, my clothes in the hang up bag, WET and ruined, silk peach blouse hanging on black pants, everything was just nasty. But I did send an email to Delta and I’m waiting to hear what can be done. Clothes are too expensive and since this is the second time I’m not just letting it be on my dime.

I finally got in bed around midnight set my alarm for 4:30, I planned to get up and run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group, but I couldn’t sleep, slept some but not good, woke at 4 and fell back asleep right before the alarm went off. Well, I turned it off and went back to sleep until about 6:15, I felt guilty for not getting up, but I was so tired.

Started in on the house, but it’s hopeless, we are clutter bugs, shit is everywhere and no place to put it. I need an intervention. Got through the mail, set all the clocks, started washing clothes, finished unpacking, just general get shit back in order. Knew I needed to get a run in since I had not run much all week, that was definitely on my mind, who, where, when. Kim is at drill and Annette was running a race. Caught up on the Biggest Loser, but have lots more I recorded that I need to catch up on. Caught up on all the blogs I read.

Got my iPod shuffle out and did something I’ve never done before, I downloaded some podcasts, they are free!! So, I changed clothes, go my shuffle and headed to Lakewood for what I hoped would be a decent run and it was okay. I ran by myself, well not counting my shuffle and thank goodness for the podcast, it really helped, I tuned out some, but for the most part, listened, it was like having someone there talking to me. Ran about 4.7 miles at about 10:45 pace, okay, but not great, leg still hurts, doctor appointment on Tuesday.

That’s it, oh forgot to mention, not many limbs in the yard, but WET, oh my, it squishes when you walk, I don’t think my yard has ever been this wet, we must have gotten a ton of rain with the storm on Thursday night. My back deck looks horrible some squirrel or something got up there and turned over the thistle seed and it’s everywhere. I need to scalp my yard today, but I can’t, still way too wet, maybe on Wednesday afternoon. I’ll be home for two weeks then back to Boca on April 21st. I may have to be in St. Louis for 3 weeks in May, that will suck, but it’s only an hour flight from Little Rock, still I’ll get our of my routine. Hope this hasn’t been too boring!


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