Springtime Running

It’s nice to be back home and back in my normal routine for a couple of weeks. I met Kim at our favorite Lakewood Lake #3 around 5:30 so we could run over to the Women Can Run Clinic. I can’t believe we are already talking about the 5K on May 10th to close out the clinic! I haven’t seen any of my running buddies in what seems like forever, it was nice to see a friendly face! We took our time running over to the clinic and we were almost mowed down by a driver who wasn’t paying a bit of attention on North Hills Blvd.

Once we arrived at the clinic I HAD to go to the bathroom or there would be no more running for me. I thought I saw someone come out of the school so we headed that way, what the hell? the doors were locked. Luckily we knew where there might be an unlocked door to the gym and it was, thank goodness. I always feel like a trespasser when we are in the school, it’s very quiet and really sort of creepy. We went to the restroom and got back to the track just in time.

Kim and I were the only 2 in the advanced group so Diane asked what we wanted to do, well nothing, can we just walk around and look at all the springtime flowers? No, that wasn’t happening, but we did just do a neighborhood hill run onto North Hills and then McCain, everyone was outside working in their yards, lots of spring flowers and bushes, all of a sudden everything has turned green. I’m loving the warm weather, sweat? doesn’t bother me a bit, I’m just happy I’m not bundled in umpteen layers of clothes, headbands, gloves and kleenex or snotty sleeves when I didn’t have any kleenex! It was a nice relaxed run, I tried to run most of the hills, I think Kim did run all of them, she is so ready for Nashville!

We ran most of the way back to Lakewood, we walked once we got to the Old Mill, it was nice just to watch ALL the people and pets who were out enjoying the weather. I ended up with 5.62 miles at a pretty slow average pace. Not even going to post it.

This morning was my appointment about my leg, diagnosis – Adductor Strain – Loved my new doc, he says 3 weeks of PT, but I’ll be back in Boca in 2 weeks, so I’ll have to do some on my own and I need to find a PT over in my neck of the woods, it’s too far to drive back and forth to Little Rock. I’ve done a little research on this adductor strain, possible I guess, but I’m still not 100% convinced this is what’s causing my leg pain, but I’m hoping this will take care of it. He did prescribe a new Anti-inflammatory so I’ll start taking it today, that should help too. He said my hip joint looked great and no signes of a stress fracture, so good news in that aspect.

Couple of races I’ve signed up for, Catholic High Rocket 5K on Saturday April 12th, yes this Saturday, Kim and I ran it last year and we are doing a repeat. This is nothing but hills and I was very, very slow last year, I’m just hoping to beat my time from last year, it really depends on my leg, if it’s acting better, I think I can definitely come in under 34 minutes, yes I know I’m slow. I’ll get an elevation map of this course and then you can quit laughing. It was a fun race (when it was over) lots of door prizes, lots of crowd support and just all around nice people, the race benefits the school which is an all boys private school.

The other race is the San Francisco Marathon, yes Marathon, on August 3, 2008. Bailey, if she still can remember what I look like since its been forever since I’ve seen her, graciously invited us to stay with her, actually her mom’s, so it’s a go, and it should really be fun training in the heat and humidity that is Arkansas this summer. This trip is going to be a blast, I’m hoping we are staying over an extra few days to see the sights, well I for sure am planning on staying extra and Annette I know wanted to as well.

There are a few more in the trenches, but I don’t want to put them on “paper” yet, just a thing, if you know what I mean.

Catholic High 5K Elevation

Elevation for the 5K on Saturday


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  1. “…walk around and look at the flowers” had me rolling. You’re gonna love the Golden Gate.

  2. You changed your blog!!! Like it, but now the writing seems smaller….have to get my glasses on to see it…or move really close to the screen 🙂

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