Speed Demon Wanna Be

I wish I was speedy, I mean really speedy, but alas, I’m not.  I can however beat some young ‘uns on a 200 meter sprint, once, but just once and then I’m pretty much done.  Even barely beating some young chicks is no great feat when you are still running slow.  I want to be FAST, like, oh I don’t know around 7:00 minute miles would be just OMG fast to me, or while I’m wishing why not go for 6:30 or 6:00 minute miles, wouldn’t that be just grand?

Where do all these dreams of speed come from you ask?  They come from our speed work at the Women Can Run Clinic yesterday.  I met Kim at beautiful Lakewood Lake #3 for our customary run to the Clinic.  We both kind of knew we would probably be doing speed work, the past few times we have just run the hills in the neighborhood, we were due and Dianne did not disappoint.  First she suggests we run something unthinkable like all 400’s, I hate the 400s, so after discussion we decided to start off with a couple of 200s to get us warmed up for the dreaded 400s.

It was me, Kim, Dianne, Alice and Cassandra at our start point (the light pole) and off we went, it was Cassandra who shot out like a bullet, and then me, I had the inside lane (no dummy here), but I kept my second place spot all the way around, it actually felt okay, Cassandra went out so fast there was no way I could have caught her, it was like she was an actual sprinter!  But, I was very happy with my finish, even though I was about to croak, we did a cool down lap around and then we were off again, pretty much a repeat of our first one.  Thank goodness my leg is feeling better or there would have been a different outcome, we were finishing at about 50 seconds, pretty much repetition pace for me.

When it was time for the 400’s, yuck, I knew it would be a different story, and to tell you the truth, I can’t remember where I finished, it wasn’t first or second, but we all finished within seconds of one another.  The 400s are so much tougher, I try to slow down in the beginning and then pick it up in the last curve and I did that on the first 400, but the last 400, not so much.  We did one more 200 and I was done, I knew that I would be doing speedwork at Tuesday Night Clinic too.

It was a sad night for me, the last time I will see everyone before the 5K on May 10th, I’ll be traveling for the next 4 weeks, hopefully I can keep my running in check.  Kim and I headed back to Lakewood, I would guess we walked about half of it.  I don’t know about Kim, but my legs were a little wobbly.  The only reason I wanted to run at all on the way back is because it was freaking cold!!  Damned Wind!! I usually overdress for running, but last night I was chilly the whole night, I don’t think I ever broke a sweat, even doing the speedwork.  Where is spring?  Aren’t we in the middle of global warming?  I think winter has been here for about 8 months!  I’ll get a dose of warmth next week in Florida.

Okay I have to share these stats, and I know the Garmin is not the most reliable piece of equipment, but I love the feature it has to show you your best pace, at least it makes me feel faster!

3.40 MIles          Avg Pace 10:24        Calories  300      Avg HR 147   Max HR 180

  1. 11:47     best 9:07
  2. 9:50       best 5:56 loving that!!
  3. 9:06       best 6:32 ditto
  4. 11:37     best 9:19

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  1. Hey Cheryl, you keep after the speed work and you will get faster. It may come in small bits and pieces but you will get there. Like Dennis said, sometimes we just have to trick our brain. Your a future Kenyan!

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