There are good runs and….

there are bad runs like yesterday, it was not a good day for me. I felt good prior to running, no pain, period, but neither one of my runs was worth two cents yesterday.

Kim picked me up at Academy Sports around 5:35am and we headed to the start of the River Trail in North Little Rock where the Little Rock Marathon Training group was meeting for this weeks 6:00am run. It felt like it was still winter, if not for the wind it would have been much better, I think the temperature was in the 40’s, but with the wind it felt so much colder, I was shivering before we even started running. I’m really sick of the wind, the wind’s not bad if it’s warm outside, but it definitely wasn’t warm yesterday morning.

After the traditional “Good Morning Crackheads” from our Leader Tom and general announcements, one being that part of the trail was underwater due to all the flooding, we were off, Kim and I were doing 6 miles, and we had another 5K this week at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church.

Right before we started running I knew I was going to have to make a bathroom stop and luckily there is a bathroom not even a quarter of a mile from the start, when we started running we were running straight into the wind and we were running pretty fast for us, but it didn’t take long for the speedy people to pass us up. I made my bathroom stop and Kim had an extra shirt tied around her waist that she put on and we were off again.

This is where I knew it was not going to be a good day, Kim would ask me questions about different things and all I could say was one word answers. My breathing was very labored, it felt like my chest was in a vise grip, I thought to myself that I just needed to slow my pace and I tried that, but it just didn’t get better, I had to take lots of quick walk breaks just to catch my breath.

I hadn’t run much during the week and Kim thought it might be that, but I didn’t think so, because when I travel I don’t get to run much and I don’t ever feel like I did yesterday, it was just miserable and very frustrating because my legs felt good for once, my legs wanted to go fast, but my lungs said NO. Maybe it was all the pollen in the air, or something like that, I might try to run this afternoon and see if its better. It’s been a long time since I’ve run without ANY problems; I wouldn’t know how it feels.

Once we finished up our run, I was relieved, I told Kim I was thinking about not running the 5K, I had run the same race last year and really didn’t want to do worse than last year even though I couldn’t remember my exact time. On the ride over to the church I started feeling better and decided to give it a try, big mistake.

Another bad run. This race is the Miles for Missions 5K and each year the charity is different, this year all the money goes to help open the church’s free clinic, but this year the organization seemed a little off and the crowd was smaller. When I opened my packet my bib number was missing along with safety pins, Kim’s door prize ticket was missing, well it wasn’t that bad, we were just grouchy from the cold wind we had been running in all morning.

Dianne our leader from the Women Can Run Clinic was there too, we like running with her, she’s a lot of fun, there was another Diane we didn’t know that was from the Hot Legs Running Club that hung around with us until the race started. Promptly at 8:00am when the church bells tolled, we where off, it’s not a bad course, part of it is hilly around mile 2, but for the most part pretty flat, the course is in the Hillcrest area of Little Rock, pretty affluent area, so nice houses and yards to distract you. It didn’t do me any good, I kept telling myself, you can do it, one foot in front of the other, and then I would think of that Jordan Sparks song “No Air” cause that was what it felt like.

At mile 1 they called my time at 9:39, I was happy, but my chest was really killing me, I just couldn’t breath good, not long after that I started walking some, so most of mile 2 is turns and hills, I walked and ran mile 2, there is one water stop and they handed us a bottle of water, this was a first, but it was a nice squeeze bottle, Mountain Valley Water. I really needed the water too and was happy to have the whole bottle.

On the way back up Kavanaugh, which was part of the Little Rock Marathon course I even tried to trick myself into thinking I was back on marathon day and I was going to see my family right around the corner, let me tell you, nothing was working! I thought that 3.1 miles would never end, but of course it did and I actually passed two women who were my “rabbits”. My time, horrible 32:02. Last year’s time 31:38. So that was a real bummer, worse than last year, I knew I shouldn’t have run that stupid race.

Kim ended up with 1st place in her age group, both Dianne’s got medals in there age groups, of course I was not in the running. Congrats to all three of them though!

Here are the stats for the day –

River Trail 5.68 miles Avg pace 10:37 517 Calories Avg HR 162 Max 178 (part of my problem)
1. 10:23
2. 10:45
3. 10:49
4. 10:44
5. 10:00
6. 11:16
Miles for Mission 5K 3.13 miles 10:21 avg pace Avg HR 173 Max HR 183
1. 9:44
2. 11:00
3. 10:18


3 Responses

  1. Actually, that would be a great time for me, so it’s all relative…and it bites running into the wind.

    Congrats on just finishing. It just kills me how you run BEFORE a race!

  2. Cheryl, that is actually not a bad time considering you ran 6 before the race. If you really want to race the 5k and have a good time you might think about not doing a long run before. So, think of that as a good time. I bet you didn’t run 6 before last years run either. With the 6 added in before, you were running more at 1/2 marathon pace than a 5k pace. A few more miles and you would have had an awesome 1/2!

  3. Yeah, and you could THEN do the six miles afterward! 🙂

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