A Little Running in Boca

Made it to Boca Raton, FL yesterday afternoon and immediately headed to the huge Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall, I’ve been there before a couple of times and there are some nice shops, but I was not in the mood to shop much.  I bought a few things at Banana Republic and then headed to Boca, I was starving.

I knew exactly where my dinner would be coming from, always Boneheads, it’s right across the street from the hotel and I love it, it’s sort of an upscale fresh fast food restaurant, I personally don’t call it fast food, but I’ve heard it called that.  I can eat there every day and get something different that is mostly good for me and it is very tasty, I wish there was one in Arkansas.  I had peel n’ eat shrimp and a side Greek Salad, perfect for dinner.

The training I am attending this week doesn’t start until 9am so this gives me time to run in the mornings before the training starts.  I decided to get up at 5:45 and do my stretches, push ups and crunches and then start running at 6:15, that didn’t happen exactly, I didn’t start running until 6:30, which only left me 30 minutes to run, I know what you’re thinking, that leaves 2 hours for me to shower, get ready and go to the meeting, well yes, except I wanted to eat breakfast and be at the meeting by 8:30.

I did run for 30 minutes, the weather was perfect, very low humidity, nice breeze, probably 70 degrees, maybe a little cooler.  Thank goodness the sun was up, or close enough, I could see where I was going, nothing much to see out here, just lots of cars and buildings.  My run was decent, at least I wasn’t struggling to breath like I was over the weekend.  Tomorrow 45 minutes for sure, not going to the meeting early, that’s the plan for now.

The training went well after a slow start with IT trying to get all the computers up and online.  I have made a new friend at my company, he transferred to my department a couple of months ago from accounting, we get along great and I’m thankful he was there today.  He’s my daughters age, but I try not to think of him as young enough to be my child.

After the training was over I asked if he wanted to go to Boneheads with me, I think Faith (our boss) overheard us talking and said something about us all going out to eat tomorrow night with the instructor.  Joy Joy.  The problem is two fold, Eric had made reservations for us to eat at this really neat place Seasons 52 tomorrow night, second problem she wants to eat at the hotel, this was not in our plans at all.  So, Eric called the restaurant to see if we could get in tonight, but they were booked, but did have booth seating at the bar that was first come first serve and at the moment they had plenty of seating, we headed over, what could it hurt?

What a great decision, I was totally impressed.  Seasons 52 (seasonally inspired 52 weeks a year) does not fry any foods, all natural, normal sized portions, they don’t use any butter and I thought it was reasonably priced.  Eric said they are always booked, and now I know why.  I had the Season special Blackened Mahi Mahi with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Green Vegetable Trio, oh and all meals on their seasonally inspired menu, less than 475 calories.   Every bite was just perfect, not too spicy on the fish, the potatoes, yummy, the green veggies were green beans, asparagus and broccoli.  I was so glad Eric picked this place, my meal was 18.95, Eric got the Cedar plank Salmon and his was 17.95.  I’ll definitely be back, hopefully this restaurant will open in other areas of the country.

I have a bunch of friends heading to Nashville this week for the Rock N Roll Marathon, I hope they all have a great run and a great time in Nashville.  I think Brenda will qualify for Boston, even if she doesn’t think so.  I think Kim and Annette are both going to do great, I just wish they were meeting up or something in Nashville, as far as I know they are not, but originally when they decided to run Nashville, they did so together.  Oh well, maybe they will see each other at the finish line and cheer each other on.  Regardless, I will be thinking about them both.  I think Kelly and Cindy will do great too, they are both great runners!  And not to leave the boys out.  Arland has become super runner and so has Kelly’s husband Robert.  I can’t wait to hear all the race reports.  Good luck to everyone in Nashville!

2 Responses

  1. I’ve hard of those places and wish I could be there!!!

  2. Thanks for the good thoughts Cheryl! Send us strength and good vibes!!

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