Busy Week

It was a busy week in St. Louis and I didn’t have much time for myself, much less to post anything.  This morning will just be a recap, I have a ton of crap to do this weekend, my mom and sister both live in Carlisle,  which got hit by tornadoes yesterday.  My mom’s house did not have any damage, but my sister’s house sustained some roof damage and she lost all the trees in her yard.  They were both very lucky, I spent most of yesterday worried because I couldn’t reach either one of them and I was in St. Louis.

I didn’t run on Sunday last week, but probably should have, I can’t even remember what I did besides pack, I know I did other things, but what they were….hmmm.

My flight to St. Louis on Monday was at 7am, so that meant I was up at 4:15, yuck, and I probably should have gotten up at 4:00, I’m always scrambling.  The airport was busy, of course it was Monday.  I was standing in my designated spot at Southwest when I could feel someone looking at me, I looked over and there was Joan from the Cabot Cruisers, small world.  She came over and we talked until it was time to board, I was in the A group and she was in the B group so I saved her a seat and we talked on our short 1 hour flight to St. Louis, she was connecting and heading to New York.  It was nice to sit and talk with Joan, usually we are at some running event and can’t really “talk”.  She has been running for years and I think she is amazing!  When I’m her age I hope I can still run, she holds a few state records, but I’m sorry to say I don’t know exactly what they are.

It was really cold in St. Louis when I got up Tuesday morning it was 30 degrees, so of course I didn’t bring the right clothes, my sandals were not keeping my feet warm.  It was another busy day at work, the software we are rolling out was having issues and my face is breaking out because of it.  I worked late and decided to run on the treadmill for 45 minutes and that is exactly what I did.

Wednesday was not any better at work, still software problems and all the clean up work that needs to be done is not getting done and other work is taking precedence.  The weather was warmer so I decided to run outside at the hotel, they have a quarter mile trail, I used that and added on a little service path that went around the end of the hotel where a mama goose was parked in the middle of a parking lot and everytime I would run by her she would stand up and start honking at me.  I also saw a wild rabbit with huge brown eyes, it was nice to be out in the “wilderness”.  I ran about 3.25 miles.

Thursday they finally got the data where it needed to be and I worked late, but still wanted to get in some running, but I had a terrible stomach ache and decided against it.  Ended up working in my hotel room until 10:00pm, exciting I know.  I did this watching Grey’s Anatomy and Lost though.

Friday is when the tornadoes where in Arkansas and Glenn kept calling me and giving me updates, so I was a nervous wreck all day yesterday.  I had talked to my sister around 1:30 and she was crying and said her house had been hit by a tornado, but she didn’t know how bad, she was at work in Little Rock and was heading home.  That was the last time I talked to her until about 7:30 last night when I found out my mom, step-father, brother-in-law and their houses were okay.  My Aunt’s were calling me because they couldn’t get in touch with my mom, it was very nerve-wracking!

Since everything was okay at my sister’s I got up and ran with the Little Rock Marathon Training group this morning.  They were meeting at the State Capitol at 6am, it was very windy this morning, but about 55 degrees, I grabbed a jacket, thank goodness, I needed it most of the run.  When we started running I got about 1 block and decided I HAD to go to the bathroom, HAD TO GO.  I turned around, got in my truck and started driving, I was thinking, oh my god, I have to really go, like NOW, and there was nothing open, it was 6am after all.  I drove down Capital Ave. and I started looking for a Hotel, that was my best bet, there was the Legacy Hotel, parked, and almost couldn’t get out of my truck, waited a few seconds and then I ran inside and there wasn’t anyone at the front desk.  But, I knew there had to be a bathroom on that floor so I just started looking and there it was, RELIEF.  Did my business and headed back.

When I got back to the starting point everyone was gone, I wrote my name down again, because I had scratched it off from when I left just in case I didn’t come back, and headed down Capitol Avenue by my lonesome, it was 6:15, not too bad.  I had already scoped out the route and it wasn’t in the best neighborhoods by a long shot, I was just hoping I could catch up with the walkers so I would at least be in a group of people and not a lone white girl running in the worst part of the city, well that didn’t really work out.

I didn’t reach a single person until mile 3 at the Governor’s Mansion, I had run through some pretty shady areas, homeless folks, prostitutes, boarded up buildings, you name it.  I saw a total of 8 people and they were all walkers, I guess that 15 minutes really put me behind, but I made it back safe and sound, ran my 6 miles in a little over an hour and now I’m home, and I have to do some cleaning, it looks like I’m the only one that’s going to do it, unfortunately.

Tomorrow I will be packing again to head back to St. Louis, and this next week will be even busier since they finally got our software working, we will be beta testing and double entering everything, woohoo, I should also work from home, but not sure if that will happen, maybe tonight, maybe not.


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