Crazy week

Another crazy week which I’ll recap instead of boring you with the boring details. Nothing exciting happened during the week in St. Louis, it mainly rained all week or was threatening to rain so I was on the dreadmill Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, holy cow I hate that thing. I had planned to run in the park, but the rain kept me away.

I left St. Louis early on Friday so I could attend the Women Can Run Pasta Party on Friday night, and thank goodness I did, I 2 brushes with greatness at the St. Louis airport. First and most exciting was Uno the beagle who won the Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show this year, he was adorable! Standing just a few feet away in the security line, no cage, just on a leash, the lady had bought him his own seat of course. I saw him again in the gate area, he was headed to Milwaukee. Here is a You Tube if it works. I tried to get a picture, but my camera phone sucks.

Next I saw former Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee in my gate area waiting for the same plane to come to Little Rock, there were several people going up to him to shake his hand and photo ops. Of course he was the governor of Arkansas for a bit, I was more excited about the beagle!

I headed to the banquet around 5pm, got there too early because I thought I would be able to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s 5K, but that was not the case. I milled around and talked to a bunch of the Cabot girls, most of which I hadn’t seen in a while. I ended up sitting with the North Little Rock clinic group it was a much smaller group, there were only 5 of us. Jeff Galloway was the speaker, but it was not up there for very long, maybe 15 minutes, then he was selling and signing books afterwards. The packet pickup was after the banquet, I sprinted to the table and was one of the first ones in line, thank goodness, because after that the line was horrible.

Saturday morning was the 5K for the Women Can Run Clinics, I really was not feeling it and only at the last few minutes put my chip on and decided to run. There are some things going on at home that I’ll post about later. I was about mid-pack and it took quite a while to get out of the masses, but then I started passing people, continually. I tried not to look at my Garmin at all, just keep moving forward was all I was thinking.

There are clinics all over the state and each clinic had their own T-shirt design so I would see a Cabot t-shirt and in my mind I would say “catch that one” and I would, and then pass her, that’s the way it went for most of the race. Somewhere around 1.5 I saw Kelly’s daughter Kelsey and she was walking, I told her to come on and she started running with me, I told her we were half way through and she could do it, but I was telling myself that too. We ran a bit and she said she had to walk, we walked for just a few seconds and started running again. It wasn’t long and she wanted to walk again and I told her I would see her later.

I picked up my speed again after leaving Kelsey, I felt bad for leaving her, but I needed this run for some reason. So I started my little game again, pick out a girl and pass her. Then I saw Joan from the Cabot Cruisers, she was pacing someone, but still Joan? So that was my next goal, catch her and pass her, and at mile 2 they stopped for water and I didn’t, whoosh, right past them. I had a small 4 ounce bottle of water in my hand, so I didn’t need to stop. My Garmin had started alarming because my heart rate was at or above max of 182, but I felt okay, just started trying to breath a little better, it would stop and then start again when I would pick up the speed. I could hear Joan behind me talking to the girl she was pacing “we only have 1/2 a mile to go” and I picked it up just a bit. I think that Vicki was somewhere around this point cheering people in.

I could hear someones feet coming up behind me, fast. But, I was getting tired, I glanced at my Garmin and it was about 2.83, just a lap to go. There are two girls just right behind me and I can hear them say, let’s pick it up just a little bit, I’m thinking, OMG, I don’t know if I have anything left, I don’t think I can keep up with them, and they were YOUNG!, and then there was this lady that kept turning around saying, we’re almost there, pick it up, pick it up!!!

THEN, we round the corner at the 3 mile mark and there’s BRENDA, she is screaming at me “COME ON CHERYL, PUMP YOUR ARMS, PUMP YOUR ARMS, YOU CAN DO IT, PICK IT UP, KEEP GOING, IT’S NOT THIS MAT IT’S THE NEXT ONE!! KEEP GOING, DON’T SLOW DOWN!! PUMP YOUR ARMS, YOU’RE GOING TO BE UNDER 30 MINUTES!!!” I thought I was going to die, seriously, I don’t think I have ever run that fast, I was giving it everything I had, which wasn’t much at that point, and when she said, it’s not this mat, it’s the next one, OH MY, I thought holy shit, I’ll never make it, but I did!! 29:42, according to my Garmin, I didn’t even see the timer, I passed two girls on the mat! I couldn’t breathe at all when I was done, I had to sit down or I was going to pass out! But, I felt great, thank God Brenda was there to run me in! It made all the difference.

I hung around for the awards and door prizes, which I didn’t win. Annette won first place in our age group, I think her time was 27:XX. That was fast! I now have a new PR for my 5K, but that course was super flat, one tiny incline, but flat, not many of those around here.

Today I’m going to run at Lakewood with Kim so we can catch up on the week and then it’s back to packing for St. Louis tomorrow, yippee…..

Be sure and watch the video of Uno, very cute, but not too clear, there are others on You Tube.

Here are my stats from the race from my Garmin –

3.13 miles average pace 9:30 Avg HR 171 Max 193 HOLY COW

  1. 10:01
  2. 9:27
  3. 9:19
  4. 7:09 this is the .13 when Brenda was running me in, probably why my HR was 193!!!

3 Responses

  1. GREAT PR Cheryl! And negative splits too! You ran a good race. Looks like you can change your max heart rate now……lol.
    Great job!

  2. Cheryl you looked so awesome during the finishing stretch!!!! I was so proud of you!!

    We are going to have to discuss our San Francisco Marathon training plan soon!

  3. Excellent race! And lucky you to see Uno!

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