Running Hot

Whew – Kim and I met at 5pm yesterday at Lakewood for a 5 mile run, I think one problem was we didn’t have a “plan” for our run. The other problem was it was a little warm and humid. We had decided we would just run some of the adjacent streets to the lake instead of the same old loop around the lake, we needed a change. Maybe we should have stuck to the lake. We walked for probably 1/4 of a mile up to Lochridge and then started running, it seemed like we had been running forever when we were at .85 miles, both of us couldn’t believe we had not run a mile yet and we still had 4 more to go, what a disappointment.

We just kept running different streets in Lakewood, we would stop at intersections and randomly select a street, this went on for almost the entire 5 miles. At one point I had to go to the bathroom so we headed back toward the lake, what a relief! Then we had to make another decision, we needed about 2 miles to finish off our 5 miles, if it was up to me I would have quit at 4, but Kim was not going to let me, we were getting those 5 miles in no matter how hot and miserable we were!

We took a street we hadn’t been on before, big mistake, Loch Rd, hills galore, we ran some, walked some, or I did anyway, this street dumped us out at Lakeshore where we were right at the Lake and started our turn for home!! Yippee! I don’t know about Kim, but I was drenched in sweat and tired, just not feeling it. When we got to Fairway we had less than a mile to go and took the long loop around the lake, it felt like the last mile of our 12 mile run on Saturday, I was huffing and puffing and then we saw Melissa, Dianne and Melissa’s Mom, we stopped and chatted for a couple of minutes. Dianne had her new rescued dog Henry, I can’t tell you the bred, but it’s some sort of square faced dog, cute and sweet, I got a doggy kiss.

We were almost done, but we had both lost our mojo when we had stopped and talked, we trudged around the peninsula and finally our Garmins went off at 5 miles, it was such a relieve, this was a hard run and I was so thankful it was over! We walked back to our vehicles, stretched and made tentative plans to run Wednesday morning, hopefully it will be a better run.

Horrible stats – 5 miles 11:47 average Average HR 155 Max HR 172 Calories 451

  • 11:12
  • 11:39
  • 12:09
  • 11:31
  • 12:24

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  1. Hey, you did it. Good job. Hmm. I may need a Garmin.

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