Tueday Running Clinic

Tuesday night is my Running Clinic in Cabot, I never look forward to it, for one thing it’s in Cabot and for another it’s at 6pm and last night was no exception, I was not looking forward to it.  I drug my lazy butt out of the house into the 90 degree heat and humidity and headed to Cabot for a track workout, I was pumped (kidding).

I was so sleepy on the drive I could have pulled over and taken a nap, I don’t know about anyone else, but I love an afternoon nap and with work getting in the way I’ve been missing a little 15 minute cat nap!  I got there early as usual and had time to talk to Livia, Dennis and Andrea before the Clinic started, just small talk, nothing life changing.  Soon the droves of people started showing up, used to be our clinic was pretty small, 6-8 people or so, now there are about 15-20, no special attention for us old timers anymore.   Dennis is a great Coach and the word has spread, we can’t keep him for ourselves anymore.

Our workout was not too bad, I’m still in the intermediate group, probably should move up to advanced, but really don’t feel like I belong in the advanced group, I’m just way too slow.  Our workout was a 1 – 1.5 mile warm-up and then 3×400 at Lactate pace, 2×400 half at Lactate haft at Interval pace and then 2×200 at Interval pace and then a couple of cool-down laps.

We normally go off track for our warm-up run, Tamara was talking to me and I looked up and everyone in the Advanced group had taken off, so I didn’t want to sprint to catch up with them since I would have to pretty much sprint the entire warm up anyway.  Tamara was still talking to me about warming up asking if I was going off track, which I was, then I wasn’t, so she wanted to run with Shanna and me, so we couldn’t find Shanna and we just started running until we found Shanna.  We were running really slow, Tamara had not run since May 10th at the Women Can Run 5K.  She told me why, but I can’t remember….. out of town I think.

At some point I got ahead of Shanna and Tamara, I ran 1 1/4 miles for my warmup, sick of the loop.  It was very windy on one side 15-20mph warm winds and hot and still on the other.  I was ready to get the intervals over.  I waited on Shanna and Tamara to get around the track before I started.  The advanced group were trickling back to track as well.  We all started our 400’s together, I don’t know if Shanna or Tamara knew what they were supposed to be running for their 400’s, but I knew what mine were supposed to be and I tried to stay on pace and was a little fast for the first 2, the 3rd one was spot on.  Dennis pulled Tamara out after the 3rd of our 400s, her face was beet red, she was probably pushing too hard and she hadn’t run in 3 weeks.

There was a group of teens on the infield of the track, some girls watching the boys do whatever sport they were doing, touch football or something.  I was running hard, on the inside lane, bottom of the track, in the curve and this girl in jean shorts and a black tee, just steps in the lane and starts walking toward me, she can see me obviously.  I’m on my last .10 or less of my last 400 at Interval pace so I’m running pretty hard, I look straight at her and I could have moved over to lane 2, but it really made me mad, I said “could you get out of the way?” and went around her.  I crossed the finish and went over to my water where I heard someone from over at the group of teens say “I’m going to kick your ass”.  Oh my, that’s what I need a knock down drag out with a kid.  They were very rowdy, cussing, smoking, just disrespectful period.  Maybe they were talking to each other, I don’t know, but nothing happened, I went back to the start/finish line, nothing was said and Shanna and I finished our workout.

There’s never a dull moment, always something going on out there on the roads.

Here are the stats from last night –

Warm up – 1.32 miles        11:03 average

Workout – 2:06 miles         10:06 average

The Great House Hunt continues, meeting Melissa this morning at 9:30 to see a house I’ve already seen once, I need to look at the bathroom and kitchen again, also need to see if I can see any wood floors under the carpet.

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