Worst. Run. Ever.

Kim and I decided to do our long run today instead of the weekend since she has drill all weekend and Annette is running a 15K at Mt Magazine tomorrow, good intentions, bad run. Almost my worse run ever. I remember one with Annette, I think it was a 16 miler that was just as bad.

I met Kim at Academy Sports at 6am and we headed to the River Trail for a 14 mile loop, this is a great loop, you start at the beginning of the River Trail in North Little Rock all the way to the Big Dam Bridge, cross the Arkansas River over to Little Rock, down through Murray Park, not that much fun, through Downtown a bit then you cross the Main Street Bridge and back to your starting point. Too bad, I was so miserable for most of it.

The first couple of miles are always tough for me, just getting warmed up, but today, they were all tough. First things first, it was muggy and very warm at 6:00 am, it was about 80 degrees with humidity at around 75%, and let’s not forget the winds 16-20mph, but we were thankful for the breeze.

The first thing that was bothering me was my fuel belt, it cinches right in the middle of my stomach and I hated it last week, this week I hated it more. It was like someone was squeezing my gut the whole time I was running, if I loosened it, the bouncing would make the belt loosen too much, it was driving me nuts and making me sick. The second thing was my heart rate, way too high, running slow it was around 168, and when we would walk 150, I needed it to be around 155 while I was running. It made me feel like I was running uphill the entire time I was running. I was out of breath the whole time, horrible, horrible feeling, like I had a cold.

We kept running and I kept telling my self, you can do this, it will get better, but it didn’t. Kim was such a good sport, I know she was sick of me, I couldn’t run a mile without stopping for a walk break to catch my breath. I just had this sick feeling, like I was going to be sick or keel over at any second.

Once we got over to Little Rock and to Murray Park, thoughts of the Little Rock Marathon were coming back and they were not good, it was along this same path that I was struggling to finish the Marathon back in March, I could remember being alone and every bone and muscle in my body was so tired. That’s not how I felt today, I didn’t feel tired, I felt sick, I was so nauseated, I don’t know from what, the weather, the fuel belt, the stress of deciding on this house, I just didn’t know.

In my mind I started trying to figure out how to get back without running, cab, bus, hitchhike? I was trying to come up with anything to get me out of running the rest of the 14 miles, I can’t tell you how bad I felt, just sick and gross, there wasn’t a dry spot on my body. I was thinking a nice cold icy drink of any kind might help, but we weren’t near anything. Or a cold washcolth, I was almost out of water and it had gotten warm, yuck. I was sick of running, hating it and wanted it to be over.

We had finally made it to downtown LR and we had probably less than 2 miles to go and I started crying a little bit, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to run because it made me feel sick and I didn’t want to walk because it was taking too long and it made my back hurt to just walk. But, somewhere I found a little energy and we started running again, all the while I was hoping I wouldn’t throw up. Just make it to the bridge and then you’ll be home free.

We finally made it to the Main Street Bridge, what a wonderful sight!, still about 1/2 mile to go, we started walking on the bridge, but we needed to hurry up and get back, I had work and Kim had a Dr’s appointment, so I started running and we ran across the bridge to the stairs at the other end. Once we got down the stairs I thought, oh no, I’m going to throw up, so I was trying to get to my truck so I could sit down, I never did throw up, but I was so nauseated. I grabbed the water I had in the truck and drank some of that, even though it was warm too, that really didn’t help my nausea either. Kim had brought along a couple of Coke Zero’s and as we headed out I finally got mine open and that Coke really helped, I don’t know what it is about having a carbonated beverage after a run, but yummy.

We went to Starbucks for our reward drink, Mocha Light Frappuccino for me and that really hit the spot, nice and cold, even though while we were in line I thought I might be sick. We didn’t stick around at Starbucks, just got our drinks and left. I dropped Kim off and headed home. Once I got home I still didn’t feel well, just beat really, I’m so worried about this house thing, should I buy it, should I not?

I’m not even going to post my stats for this run, it’s depressing, just know that we ran 13.78 miles this morning and it was NASTY and not in a good way. I’m supposed to run 16 miles next weekend, maybe I should try 14 again.


2 Responses

  1. Cheryl I know you love the heat but it does take a toll on your body, especially in the beginning before we are acclimated to it. I ran yesterday morning at 5:45 it was already hot and humid but at least we didn’t have the sun… we were soaked when we finished and we only did 5 miles! Don’t beat yourself up over this morning, with all the stress you have and the heat your body just wasn’t ready for it!

  2. Heat & Humidity. I don’t envy you. Some days are just like that.

    I am not a long distance runner yet, but when I don’t feel well, I have to listen to my body. I spent 5 days trying to get out of bed. I had the flu, but I so wanted to run.

    There will be another, better day.

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