Nice Sunday morning run

Well at least I know I can still run without almost keeling over. This morning I got up and met Annette in Cabot for a 5 mile run, I haven’t run with Annette in a couple of weeks and probably a couple of months on the roads in Cabot. We met at 7am and headed out, there were 6 of us, but Annette said she would be running slow this morning since she ran the 15K at Mt. Magazine yesterday.

I had my new fuel belt, an Amphipod RunLite 2, and in my infinite wisdom last night I decided to freeze one of the bottles so that at least one of them would stay cold, or so I thought. Well, the one I froze would not snap into place this morning so I had to run with just one 8 oz water bottle instead of 2. That was fine, it was just 5 miles and I could make it with 8 ounces of water, but I really wanted to use both bottles to see how the belt would feel. It felt great not having something squeezing my stomach for the entire run, it did slip some, not sure why, it has a velcro closure instead of the clip kind and it does have some stretch to it. It is so much better than the gut squeeze though.

The temperature this morning was hovering right below 80 and the humidty was at 85%, this was before I left Sherwood at 6:30 am, it was going to be a hot day. As we began our run we were all pretty much together, except for Robert, the only guy today, he was way out in front and as the miles ticked off the pack spread out, it was Heather, Kelly and Annette in front, then me and Joan pulling up the rear, which was fine by me, I did not want a repeat of Friday. We ran some hills and through some shady areas, thank goodness, we also noticed the wind was picking up, first it was a breeze, but by the time we were finished it was a strong wind, almost as strong as Friday.

When we were finsihed I had 4.75 miles at about 11:15 pace, this was okay with me, there were times I could have run faster, but I was enjoying my run this morning and that is a rare occasion! No aches, no breathing problems, no nausea, it was a good run. I wish more were like that. After our run I wanted a Diet Coke so Kelly, Annette, Robert and myself headed to Sonic where we sat outside and talked for a while, it was a nice morning, in the shade. I may do it again this afternoon with Kim, she wanted to run about 6pm, we shall see.


2 Responses

  1. […] but my run was pretty bad.  It was hot and sunny.  I can’t complain though, after reading Arkansas Running Girl’s post about humidity!  I had gotten up late because I can’t sleep lately.  I mean 2:30am […]

  2. heat and humidity are not my friend, sounds like you beat them on this run. Oh and nothing beat an ice cold coke after a hot run!

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