Tuesday Night Running Clinic

Last night was our running clinic in Cabot, uneventful really, except for Kelly falling down when she was trying to cross the street, ouch, I didn’t see her fall, she was trying to catch up to the group on the warm up and tripped over some broken concrete, she was pretty skinned up.  She will be sore today I’m sure.

Annette, Jane and I were doing the Intermediate workout which consisted of 1×800 at Lactate pace, 1×600 LT pace, 1×400 at Interval, 1×300 Interval pace, 1×200 Interval, 2 strides and then a cool down.  We all started out together, but that didn’t last long, Annette and Jane were side by side, but about 50-75m in front of me, the only time we were together was when we were starting each one of our intervals.

The amazing thing about our clinic is watching Josh, he is the superstar for sure, he was doing mile repeats last night, Coach Dennis said his average was 5:20 per mile.  Holy Cow!! 5:20, that means he is lapping me!  It’s just amazing when your out there running and you can hear him coming and whoosh, there he goes.  I don’t hear anything but his feet hitting the track, barely, because he is so light on his feet, I don’t hear him breathing when he flies by either.  It is truly amazing and a little hard to comprehend because I can’t even come close to running that fast, how can he run that fast?  We do have a couple of girls that are close though, Raquel and Lisa, I think they both are right around the 6 minute mark, they whoosh past me too!

I tried to stay at my Lactate and Interval Pace as prescribed by Coach Dennis, it is for a reason and the only time I really have troubles doing that is on the 200 meter, it’s so short that sometimes I’m a little fast, when it’s a longer distance you have time to adjust your pace and slow down or speed up.   I think at some point I will try the Advanced workout, I’m glad I didn’t try it last night though, I was pretty tired when we were finished even though I had only gotten about 4 miles.

There were lots of runners at the clinic again, not as many as last week, but Coach Dennis has his hands full.  All in all it was a good night, tomorrow is another busy day, house inspection is at 8:30 am.


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