Running Crazy

This has been a crazy couple of weeks and the craziness continues.  I didn’t run on Wednesday, but had my inspection at the new house at 8:30 am.  The inspection went well, nothing major at all, the biggest problem was the garbage disposal didn’t work.  There’s also something about the outlets since the house was built in 1955, the outlets don’t have a ground, I kind of understand what this mean, but I hate anything to do with electricity, so just fix it….

I met Annette in Cabot at 5:30 am on Thursday morning for a 5 mile run, I knew I should get my run out of the way early, I had a busy day, 7:40 am appointment with my Neurologist (migraines), meeting to sign more house papers to lower my monthly mortgage by $9.00 at 3:30 pm, 2 conference calls at work and still the decision of whether to go on vacation Saturday with my Mom and Sister.  Oh, and I’m packing in my spare time.

Today, whew, decided last night to go on the trip with my Mom and Sister.  This morning had an 8:00 am appointment at the vet for Smokey, annual shots, 11:00 am appointment at Allstate for Homeowners insurance and I have a 5:00 pm appointment for hair color and trim.  I still have to pack for tomorrow’s trip we are going on a road trip, really.  First though I must do my 14 mile run, that’s at 6:00 am with the Little Rock Marathon training group, I’m meeting Kim at 5:30 and we are heading to the meet spot, the Capitol.  When I’m finished with my great run, keep your fingers crossed, I’m heading home to shower as my sister will be in route to pick me up, we will then head to Carlisle to pick my Mom up, oh yeah, my Nephew too, I don’t know why he’s tagging along with us girls, but oh well.  We are getting in the car, yours truly as the driver, my sister as Navigator and we are headed to the East Coast, we are definitely hitting Asheville, NC and then who knows after that, nice relaxed trip, yes I know gas prices are insane, but between 3 of us the gas prices are reasonable.

I will be flying home on Friday probably, they will continue on their road trip for another week, I need to get home, I have my high school reunion on Saturday night and still have packing to do, utilities to set up, furniture and appliances to shop for, my closing date on the house is June 30th.  Unfortunate that I had to take so much vacation time prior to my close, but it was take it or lose it.  I’ll be off work from June 16th – 27th.  I hope I can get some runs in on my trip, I’m used to getting up early, I know my mom is not, so that will be to my advantage, if I can get 3 miles in every day I will be happy, hopefully I won’t pig out too much.

I plan on taking my laptop with me so I can keep up with all the testing we are doing at work, I don’t want to fall behind in our progress and I will also try and keep up with my blog.  Well, I’m doing my own pedicure right now and it’s time for the base coat, so I must go.  Wish me luck on my long run tomorrow, after last week I need it!


2 Responses

  1. You WILL have a great run tomorrow!!!! Hopefully it won’t be raining!

    Have a safe trip and have FUN!!!!

  2. Have a fun and relaxing trip, sounds like a great trip. Your things to do list made me tired!

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