Wet 14 mile run

Well, all I can say about my 14 mile run on Saturday with Kim is WET, WET and more WET!  I had heard there was a chance of rain on Saturday, but didn’t give it a second thought until Friday night when these huge drops of rain were coming down, I still didn’t worry much until the thunder and lightening woke me up in the middle of the night, the rain was coming down hard and I thought, oh it will stop soon, nope, it woke me up again at 3:30 am and I never went back to sleep.  I just knew the run would be canceled, but no email.  Kim called at 4:45 wondering if we were still running, at that time the rain had slacked some, but the lightening and thunder was still going on.  We decided to give it a try, since we were running in Little Rock we could take cover in numerous places unlike the River Trail and I really needed this run before I headed off on vacation.

We met at our designated spot and headed to Little Rock, we got there a little early and only a few other brave souls ventured out in the rain and they stayed in their cars till the last minute too.  Right before 6:00 am we jumped out and yes it was sprinkling, the rain made is cold so we were shivering a bit, Tom handed us our 14 mile route, wow, I was really hoping the rain would let up soon.  After some last minute instructions, don’t stand under trees if you need to take cover, that kind of stuff, we were off.  It didn’t take long for me to step in my first, but not last, puddle.  We warmed up quickly and headed up Markham and yes I mean up as in uphill, we were doing part of the Marathon course, it’s a great route for hills, I’m rating this route a Rawling Road #2, we went up so many hills it was insane and raining.

It never let up, at mile 7 we decided we had had enough and would cut back to 12 miles, so I looked at the route and took off about 4-5 turns and we headed back and what I was hoping for was downhill, but noooo, not for us, and it had started raining harder.  You could see the rain coming down, it was no longer sprinkling, we were soaked and I’m sure we were a sight.  Both of us had squishy shoes, we were running you could hear them squish, yuck, that was the worst part.

Here is a funny part of the story, we had to make a turn on Pine Valley and we did and we were looking for our next street Audubon, and we kept running and running and I knew I had seen the street on the way out so yes it was a street and we were on Pine Valley forever and it had a HUGE hill, I mean HUGE!!  It just kept going I thought it would never end and there were still several turns left and I kept thinking, did we miss the turn and I kept referring back to our route, no, I didn’t think so.  I had the route folded in a plastic bag and then pinned to my fuel belt, sort of like a race number, but where I could flip it up and see the route.  Then finally I see familiar surroundings and I tell Kim – Hey we missed our turn our something there’s Kavanaugh and that was way down our route.  We stop and I finally take the route out of the bag and low and behold where the page was folded there was a turn we had totally missed on Greenwood, I don’t know if we added miles on or what, but were laughing out loud about our mistake in the middle of the street.  It was silly, but all the turns we in a list, except that one.

We finally got to the top of Kavanaugh and we were headed back down, I estimated 3 miles, and here comes the rain again, big rain, we were so sick of it we were wishing that people would wonder where we were and would start looking for us so we could hitch a ride!!  Serious!

We were close to the Capitol when we started walking, we were beat, wet, tired, miserable.  We made it back and we had 13.5 miles, I think or something like that, we immediately took our shoes and socks and our feet were white and pruned up good, it’s a wonder we didn’t have blisters, we stretched as much as we could and headed to Starbucks, I wanted something hot to warm me up, there wasn’t a dry spot on us.

It was an adventure that’s for sure, my run was better than it was on Friday, but it was totally different too, so it’s hard to compare the two.  The hills kicked my ass on Saturday, my legs were tired when we were done.  There is still something I’m not doing right and I don’t know what that is, I think it’s the cross training thing, still not really doing much, push ups, sit ups, weights here and there, I think Kim is making me a workout DVD, that should do the trick, we shall see.

Well, it’s day two of vacation and I’m beat, in bed, typing.  I will try and tell you what we did on Saturday night and Sunday tomorrow.


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  1. I was thinking of you guys Saturday morning as we were driving to the River Trail in the rain and the lightening!!! I’m glad you were able to get your long run completed!

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