Vacation Recap

It was harder to update my blog on vacation than I thought, I was driving, navigating, picking hotels and restaurants, just your regular travel agent, so I was exhausted at night, I would try to keep up with emails, but that was about it.  I’m back home now, I came home a day early, on Thursday night, I had to get away!  Now, I think I’m back to normal, back to my regular routine.  Vacation was stressful, too much driving without a destination in mind and no one would step up and make a decision, so I hope the rest of their vacation goes well, but I just couldn’t take it another day!

I think I left off with us finally arriving in Asheville, NC and heading to the Biltmore, well here is a recap –

Sunday – arrived at the Biltmore, paid for 2 days, since we didn’t get there until 1pm, $57.00, outrageous! We toured the mansion, built in 1895, beautiful and amazing, we walked from 1pm – 6pm, the Estate is not air conditioned, as it was in the day, it didn’t bother me much, but my Mom was sweltering.  The self-guided tour of the house was great, but we were able to finish it on Sunday afternoon.

Monday – ran at French Broad Park, 3 miles, my sister came with me and sat in the car while I ran, it was around 59 degrees, perfect for running.  After everyone FINALLY got ready we headed back to Biltmore to tour the Gardens, just as beautiful as the house, we also walked down to the, Conservatory, Azalea Gardens, Waterfall and Bass Pond, this was all downhill and I kept reminded everyone we were eventually going to head up those same hills and of course it was hot and long on the way back, we were there several hours.

Monday afternoon – this was my decision, Gem Mountain in Spruce Pine, NC, I had seen something about this place on TLC and wanted to go, you buy a bucket of rocks and hope to find Gems, well, the bucke t of rocks is not cheap, for a 5-gallon bucket it was $80.00, we got there so late we decided to split the bucket between the four of us, we also got a coupon for a free cutting of a stone, I had the best stone, YIPPEE for me!  It was an Ametrine, I think, it’s a mix of an amethyst and topaz, they said they rarely see one.  We all had gems of some sort and everyone paid to have a stone cut.

Tuesday – Day from hell – this is where I started to want to come home.  We wanted to get to the coast, the Outer Banks, according to Google maps, 10 hour drive on the Interstate, well, everyone wanted to take the scenic route, okay, that was fine, what was supposed to be a 5 hour drive turned into 10 hours, driving for 10 hours to nowhere, well, Dixion, NC to be exact.  So, I ran again, 3 miles around the hotel.  Intersting lunch, not sure where we were, but it was some hole in the wall and I thought this will be good, hmm, not so much for everyone else, I had a BBQ sandwich, I was in North Carolina after all, it was good, what was not good was everyone lighting up cigarettes, apparently they don’t have a non-smoking section, everyone smokes!

Wednesday – After everyone FINALLY got ready we headed to the coast again, Interstate this time, should take 4 hours and it did, we stopped at the Visitor’s Center right out of Cape Hatteras, NC and they gave us some good ideas, we headed south on Hwy 12, stopped at the beach and also stopped at the Bodie Lighthouse, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and then we were off to the Island of Ocracoke on a free Ferry, FREE, it was a 40 minute ride, I thought about Kim when we drove onto the Ferry, I knew she wouldn’t like it, we were swaying the whole way, car sick people would have a time!  Once on the island it was a bout a 15 mile drive to the village, very quaint, lots of people walking around and riding bikes.  Since it was now about 5 in the afternoon we made a decision to spend the night.  My sister picked out the room and it was not the best room we had stayed in up until then, we actually got in a yelling match about it, so this too made me want to come home and I made the decision shortly after to book my flight for the next day.

My Mom and I walked around the town, went into some of the shops, stopped and ate some shrimp in an outdoor restaurant and then headed back to the stinky motel where my sister and nephew had returned from their walk.  I made my reservations online to come home on Thursday out of Norfolk, VA at 4pm, so we would have to leave the Island by 10am the next day.  I was ready.

Thursday – Got up and ran around the island, another 3 mile run, it was nice and quiet, nothing open, moon still out, the lighthouse light still on, very cool.  Got back and took MY time getting ready, we headed out about 8:30am stopped and got some needed coffee, made to the 9am Free Ferry and headed to Norfolk.

That’s it, nothing exciting, back home, Kim picked me up from the Little Rock Airport on Thursday night, Thanks again Kim!  We met Friday morning at Lakewood for a 5 mile run and then I came home and mowed the yard.  We had made arrangements to meet again at 2pm to go shopping, I needed something for my High School Reunion tonight.  We shopped a lot, but I didn’t find anything I really wanted.

This morning I met Kim at Academy Sports so we could do a 7 mile run with the Little Rock Marathon Training group, this was a back down week for me, and I needed it.  I probably should have run longer, but was good with the 7.

Tonight High School Reunion, excited and not excited all at the same time.


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  1. How many years on your reunion? Hope it was great.

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