Sunday 8-miler

I went to Cabot this morning to run 8 miles with Annette, she was doing a 16 mile run and asked if I wanted to meet her for the last half, so I wasn’t too sure if this was a good idea after running 7 yesterday, but it’s sort of a test, I’ll tell you later.

When I arrived at the school Raquel and Jane were there too, then Kelly showed up, oh boy, I thought this might be a little too fast for me, then I thought no, cause Annette should be running relatively slow since it is a long run, and I was right.  We only had to wait a few minutes and here came Bailey and Gary then right behind them was Brenda and Annette, they took a quick break and we were off.

We did a 3 mile loop, I think they call it the Candlewood loop which ends up at the gas station where some of us took a bathroom break.  After the 3 mile loop we lost Gary, Bailey, Kelly and Brenda.  So for the remainder of the run it was just 4 of us, Annette, Rock, Jane and me.  Then we did a 5 mile loop, Cherry Loop I think.  It was a pretty good run, luckily for us the weather was great, nice a cool for June, about 68 to start, low humidity too and a very nice breeze, in the shade it was perfect!  I think Annette had a pretty good run considering she overdid it yesterday with a race and then a torturous bike ride.

Annette and I went for coffee after the run, it was nice to sit and talk, we haven’t done that in awhile.

2 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed this morning!!! Thanks for coming to Cabot!

  2. The coffee afterward is the best part!

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