Stormy Monday Run

I met Kim at Lakewood Lake for a 9-mile run at 6am on Monday, I had no idea it was supposed to storm, who knew.  When we first started running it was just windy, very windy, we decided to take a new route since we had such a long run, we crossed McCain and then went left on Lochridge, straight uphill.  It didn’t take long and big drops of rain started falling and my stomach started aching up too, so we turned around and headed back to the lake.  Good thing.  Neither one of us was prepared to run in the rain, of course after last weekends 14 mile rainy run I wasn’t ready for a repeat and the sky was more stormy looking than just rainy.

When we got back to the lake I used the facility and the threatening sky looked better, sort of, hard to tell really, there are tons of trees around the lake and you can’t really see what’s coming.  We decided to make one loop around the lake just in case the bottom fell out, it didn’t.  So off we went on our new trek, across McCain, left on Lochridge which kind of turned right which became Crestwood, hmmm, this sounded familiar, oh yes, it comes out at North Hills, so we kept going.  We ended up going through Lakewood Village, across McCain again, into a ritzy neighborhood, out through Heritage Park and onto North Hills Blvd, turned right onto Lakeshore, I think, and back to the lake, we still only had 6.20 miles, but the sky was looking very dark and we both decided we didn’t want to get drenched and called it good.

It was a good run, quite a few hills, decent pace, we stayed away from the traffic for the most part except when we were on North Hills, it’s so nice to get a run done in the morning, no worrying about it for the rest of the day!

I did get a lot of packing done yesterday, just started going from cabinet to cabinet, I’ve got way too much stuff, I can see a huge yard sale in my future.  I’m definitely down-sizing, I had probably 10 clear glass bowls of varying sizes, what do I need 10 bowls for?  And wine glasses, tons of those, old ones, new ones, but lots, they were up in a cabinet, haven’t touched them in 5 years, so they must go.  Blankets, towels, dishtowels galore!  I may take those to the animal shelter, the list goes on.

Question for people in this area, do you know anyone who refinishes hardwood floors?  I had a dream last night that they looked beautiful, except for all the mud that was piled up around my doors.

Oh, here is a couple of pictures from my vacation, top to bottom, Biltmore Conservatory Gardens, Bodie Lighthouse, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and the Biltmore Estate all in North Carolina.

\"Biltmore Garden Conservatory\"\"Biltmore Estate\"


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  1. How fun! I went to Bodie and Cape Hatteras for my vacation as well! Congrats on the run as well!

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